Jottings #14 Saturday Stuff

You know the feeling, lots of things going on with your life, you are busy doing it all and living it as we all should be, but sometimes you need to stop and just think hang on a minute am I missing something?

The probable answer is yes, and I feel like I am missing plenty of what is going on in the book world. I am reading but being back at work has rather put the brakes on it and I have really been too tired to turn the computer on and update the blog.  I have got into a routine of writing reviews for books on a Sunday when I am at my mums and scheduling a couple of posts for my blog during the week.

So here I am on a Saturday blogging. I also have got into the habit of reading all the blogs I follow on a Saturday morning and commenting where I can. I have the time to do this and also more importantly the time to really enjoy what others have been writing about.

Which is how I come to be writing this post and not my normal January Roundup post on the first of the month (that will come later) because there are some things I have in my head and want to share.

They say the art of letter writing is dead and I certainly rarely get any post now – I think I can narrow it down to the credit card bill, the water bill and any letters from the hospital (the rest being junk) everything else is done electronically. An email pings when my electric bill is due, hardly the same as the letterbox going. But what about during the First World War surely a letter from your loved one would bring so much excitement not just for those at home but also those at the Front. Do read this BBC article here which is fascinating and it never occurred to me that obviously the letters had to get backwards and forwards somehow.

I am sure there is going to be some more fascinating stuff coming out during the year as we commemorate and remember the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. I am hoping to read books this year with a background of the First World War.

The television is full of crime dramas at the moment (well most of the time really) but whilst I do not go in for all these Scandi crime thrillers I do like something nice, sedate and gentle. Which is why I love watching Death in Paradise on the BBC. I was surprised to see that the main detective Richard Poole played by Ben Miller was to leave and be replaced by Kris Marshall. Now as anyone knows, replacing a main character does not always work, it can give a completely new dynamic to a programme and it can fail miserably. I am desperately trying to think of an example and I am sure there is one, but at the moment it escapes me. The urban term is called ‘jumping the shark’. However it has worked, Kris Marshall is a joy to watch as he bumbled his way round the island being a detective, writing notes on anything he can, mainly napkins and post it notes and coming to the conclusion that is of course obvious to him but not necessarily everyone else. I am even at a point when I could say he is better than Ben Miller…. now they are bound to stop making the programme aren’t they?

Trouble is when I am watching television…..I am not reading….but I am knitting….but then when I am reading…..I am not knitting…and all of those things I want to blog about…but I cannot do that when I am knitting….reading….watching television……