Agatha Raisin & the Day The Floods Came – M.C. Beaton

It was by pure coincidence that I picked up reading this book when the country was in the-midst of some of the worst rain and floods for a number of years. All exacerbated when it comes over Christmas and plans with friends and family go by the wayside.

It is a flood and a body, dead of course in a wedding dress that Agatha witness that draws her into another case. Trouble is she is still smarting from her divorce to James, her other part-time lover Sir Charles has branched out into pastures new and even when she retreats abroad in the hope of forgetting these men, she stumbles across a honeymoon couple. It seems that she cannot get away from love wherever she goes.

When she was abroad the bride drowns and now back at home, Agatha witness something so similar she begins to think that there must be more to it all than the suicide that the police say it is. Agatha has to get involved and even uses a disguise to ask the probing questions that the police seem to be avoiding. Enlisting Roy, a previous employee and a somewhat faithful hapless puppy in her scheme to finding all about the dead girl in the wedding dress and who exactly killed her.

Agatha is at her best in this book, her age is a real struggle for and she is determined not to be left on the shelf, she wants to be desirable and loved trouble is her personality don’t make her those things and many see her as aging inappropriately. Even her new neighbour who happens to be a¬†crime writer is not falling over himself to get to know her and Agatha cannot understand why, surely she must be desirable?

You do have to feel sorry for Agatha, but sometimes not for very long because you think she sometimes gets what she deserves. Although I find the Vicar’s vocal dislike for the women humourous. That is the beauty of these book, simple plain fun reading.