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A Challenging 2014?

Where do I want my reading to take me in 2014? Anywhere and everywhere I suppose but I do not want to tie myself down to much either because I feel like I am under too much pressure much as I am tempted to sign up for lots of interesting challenges out there.

What did I achieve last year and how am I going to apply that to this year?

  • The aim in previous years was to read 50 books, for 2013 I went for 100 because I invariably get there and I did as well. So 100 books for 2014!  
  • Read 1 Challenge. I read 2 out of the 3 authors I set myself – Georgette Heyer and Charles Dickens. I did not get to visit Dickens place. I have not set myself this challenge this year. 
  • Series Challenge 3 Authors, 3 Books. I did pretty well with this one, 3 Agatha Raisin & 3 Debbie Macomber read and only 2 by Carola Dunn. I make that 8 out of 9! I also completed reading the Cedar Cove series by Macomber. For 2014 it is going to be the same three authors and of course three books. 
  • Read 3 of Agatha Christie, P G Wodehouse and Autobiographies. This one did not go as well, 2 for Christie and 1 for Wodehouse and the Autobiographies category. In 2014 I am going to stick with Wodehouse and also Christie, as I can add to the list of all her works I have read found at the top of this blog. 
  • Book Bingo. Well it was a great idea, but I feel it was not relevant and looking back I could now probably make books fit the categories, which seems silly. This one will not carry over to 2014. 

So what can I do new for 2014? Well I do need to read some more books off my shelves (and floor, bedside unit, behind the sofa) and so I had a blitz of all my books, got them all resorted onto my To Read Shelf on Goodreads and there is 153 books as of 5th January. I put them on in no particular order and there are some authors bunched together but they all want to be read at some point.

I used a random number generator on the internet to pick 12 random numbers. Found the corresponding books which match the number on the list and the idea being that I read these books during 2014.

12 being 1 a month was my thinking. I have called this challenge Random Reads.

Here are the 12 numbers picked

Here are your random numbers:

80	40
135	7
129	15
9	65
75	101
122	51

Timestamp: 2014-01-05 12:45:19 UTC

And if you want to know what books they are well you will have to look at my 2014 Challenge tab (found at the top of the blog). Please note that I have not included any of the books on my kindle. I am too frightened to even contemplate making a list of them.

There are lots of challenges out there and I enjoy reading about everyone’s choices and I know I am so tempted to join in with most of them, but I will stick to my rather eclectic few I have created.

Happy Reading in 2014!