From Scotland with Love – Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde is back this year with a short Christmas story. I have realised that short Christmas stories at this time of the year are great when there is so much else going on and you still want to keep reading, but know that you have not got the time to devote to weighty tomes.

Daisy is trying her best to climb the PR ladder in the publishing world. When she makes a mistake by not getting her company’s biggest well-known author to sign some of his books she decides to tackle the task head on. Go to Scotland and ask the most reclusive author whether he would help her out.

Daisy is out of her depth in Scotland, she is in a remote place which has mountains and clear skies, not tall buildings and light pollution. She thinks it will be a flying visit but does not bank on the weather being against her. It looks like Daisy is set to stay in Scotland a bit longer with a rather grumpy author who also has a dog which is about to have puppies. Somehow I think the books are going to remain unsigned…..

This is a lovely book from Katie Fforde and one which I could have read pages and pages more about; the characters but also the place and the wonderful way that Katie weaves it all into the story. Full of that nice warm feeling you get when you read some books.

I certainly think this storyline and the characters could have actually been great in a full length novel. There was something so heartwarming and friendly about them; even if the male protagonist was a tad grumpy. That said it works well as a short story and was just the tonic I needed. Ironically enough I have read a recent Katie Fforde which also had puppies being born in it and I was starting to get a bit confused, but I think that was just pure coincidence.