November Roundup

Yes November has been and gone and we are fast approaching the end of the year and the look back at all the books read (good or bad) in 2013. But until that plethora of posts, let me concentrate on November.

I think I was hoping for more books read, but sadly that was not to be and I was not really able to concentrate on anything too taxing, which is why the November Book Club choice, Barack Obama – Dreams From My Father*  has still not been finished. (More about that in a post coming soon).

But what has been read I hear you ask ?

Well I could not resist getting in the festive mood with Trisha Ashley’s new novel Wish Upon a Star*. It takes the reader back to Sticklepond which is a place I want to live, with chocolate shops and shoe shops and wonderful community feel to a wonderful story.

Keeping in the festive mood because I really was not feeling it that much in the run up to putting the decorations up at work I opted for the new short story from Ali Harris – A Vintage Christmas*. This story features the characters from her first novel Miracle on Regent Street and it was lovely to go back and revisit the place and the warmth of the story. If it could be made into a series of books I would love it, investing time in each floor of the department store and its wonderful characters with Evie bringing it all together in a magnificent display.

Comfort reading and knowing what you are getting with the next book I must mention for November, is Debbie Macomber – 1105 Yakima Street. It was the final book I had to read in the Cedar Cove series and I have now completed that challenge which I set myself at the beginning of the year. I think I will perhaps go and start her Blossom Street series as I have read one of the books and have a few on my shelf. The thing with a series of books featuring the same places and characters is it is almost like a soap opera and  you can go back and visit and catch up with everyone. Luckily these books whilst dealing with some serious issues are not quite as gloomy as the soap opera of the visual variety.

Having an active imaginations and being able to picture scenes is probably not the best way of being able to read the next book – Brian McGilloway – Hurt*. It is a while since I have read crime fiction but having read Little Girl Lost and the wonderful strong (with weaknesses) female character in this book I was hooked. I also think it is an interesting concept when the writer is male to be writing with a female main lead.

So all those books are by authors that I have read before. Now Georgette Heyer – Grand Sophy* is not an author I have read before and because I have seen her name pop up on various blogs and it was also one of my challenges this year, I thought I better give her a go. I picked this book at random, and it was the write choice – I just loved Sophy. She was a devil but with the kindest heart. I might pick up another of her regency books at some point next year.

So there you go and as November went over into December I have been reading A Christmas Carol and wondering why I have not read it before! The joy of reading.

How was your November?

*Book review yet to appear on this blog.