1105 Yakima Street – Debbie Macomber

Here we are back in Cedar Cove for the penultimate story. Although you can get a fair sense of the book if you joined the series now, you certainly do not get the warmth and friendship that runs between all the characters if you had started at the beginning, which I recommend.

So who is uppermost in the story in this book. Well when we left the last book Rachel had left her new husband and stepdaughter. Pregnant and alone, their story is one which is carried through well in this book and deals with a love triangle. The love triangle is actually a jealousy one between Rachel, Bruce her husband and Jolene his daughter. Bruce has his head in the sand and it is going to take some shocks to get him to understand exactly what has happened to his life. Hopefully they can get everything back, but it might not be as easy as he first thought. Bruce’s parenting skills are tested.

Then there is Will, pig-headed and stubborn and has yet to understand why women are suddenly not falling for his charm and sophistication any more. The latest rejection in fact gets married and Will is most put out. Little does he realise that actually there is someone right under his nose if only he would look more closely. Trouble is the person is not falling for his charm and is in fact rather annoying – or is she? Everyone else can see what is so obvious that it becomes a bit of a test.

Will’s mother, Charlotte and her husband Ben have some life changing moments and they have to realise for themselves, that perhaps it is time to move on and that might just require some help. Their daughter Olivia is all too glad to help when they temporarily cannot live in their home, but it becomes a changing moment for her as well as her mother. Olivia still recovering from cancer, has to look after herself and is not sure she can also care for her elderly mother. There is an alternative but it is up to Charlotte and Ben, they might just need pointing in the right direction and hopefully they will find their way there.

The beauty of these books is the interlinking with all the characters, so follow this. Ben’s (mentioned above) son David is the father of Mary Jo’s daughter. Mary Jo’s brother is Linc Wyse and his new wife Lori are also featured quite heavily in this story. They are having a testing start to their marriage. The only person doing the testing though is Lori’s father who is doing everything he can to ruin it. It seems to be at a cost though to his own marriage and it looks like Lori is going to have to step in to help.

And so life goes by in Cedar Cove and when you read any of these books, you are getting a glimpse into all these people’s lives. Grace and Cliff Harding are here and trying to come to terms with all things dog like. Corrie and Roy McAfee are still coming to terms with the Gloria’s presence and news and Mack (married to Mary Jo above – all cyclical) seems to have finally found contentment.

With the last visit to Cedar Cove in the next book, I am going to miss the friends that I have made whilst enjoying these light reads. Recommended if you want that companionship from a book now and again.

I have actually read all of the Cedar Cove series now and although I read most of them in order, I did actually start with Book 5 and read Book 12 before reading Book 9! You can still get a real sense of the place and the people but I think it always best to read them in order. More than likely that is because I am a organised and structured sort of person! I am going to put up a page with a link to all the reviews for this series that I have read, and hopefully develop it with some more of the series of other authors that I am enjoying. In the meantime I will be joining Debbie Macomber on her Blossom Street Series and have the first book, although unbeknown to me I have already read book 5 of this series back in 2010. 


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