Jottings #13 Surveys

You have to love a survey. There are so many around and fill many a page on newspapers, in magazines and now on this blog.

However, I am going to point you in the direction of the Book Blogger Survey which I took part in a while back. Well the results are in, the votes have been counted and the judges have made their decision. The results are in four posts:

River City Reading – Your Blogs Interesting how many blogs are between 3-4 years old, which is where about I am at the moment. 2-3 times a week seems to be the norm in terms of posting. It was also pleasing to see that Twitter is the place to be to be involved in promoting your blog and interacting on all things literary. I agree with this and have had much more interaction through twitter which has led me to authors and publishers and the opportunities to read more books. Though maybe I should have bought shares in it!

Sophisticated Dorkiness – Blogger Attitudes The pressure to read and reviews books from publishers has in the past somewhat overwhelmed me before. It took me a while to work out that I could blitz through the books I have been sent and pass them on to people who will read them. There should never be any pressure to read something, it should always be a pleasure.

I think the pressure from others to read certain books leads to the apathy that we all get from time to time with our blogging. I have certainly felt it recently, and taking a break no matter how long or short seems to be the most common way of dealing with it. As is scheduling posts, which I do a lot of. If I have a back log of books to review then I schedule them in, it is only the more personal posts such as these which drop in from time to time when I get the urge to write and share with you all. Most of the time it is a cathartic process.

Literate Housewife – Former Bloggers. I do wonder if there will come a point when I become a former blogger. I have blogged before I started this one and it was a way of concentrating my mind due to some health issues and was my way of dealing with it, however it served its purpose as did playing endless online games and I abandoned it. However bringing this blog to life was much for sharing the reading I do and my poor attempt at wit and humour in writing but was the admiration of many other bloggers out there who were reading books that I had not even heard of. I was on the book blogging train and I was away.

It seems that life changes affect most blogs being abandoned or at least put on hiatus. I think reading the results that it came to a work/life balance issue and that the fun out of blogging and perhaps reviewing was subsiding as there was a pressure to post. Obviously there has been issues where people did not like comments made by others, but I have to think this is fairly small in the book blogging sphere and if it is much larger it is certainly passing me by. Some interestingly did not feel they had the audience they needed. I can understand that as when you start out you want everyone to think yours is the best book blog ever and there should be thousands of people reading it. This lasted with me about a nanosecond.

My reason for starting the blog is to keep all the reviews and book stuff in one place as some sort of giant reference book for me. It is a bonus that I have readers and I thank all those who comment and those who don’t but do read my blog. I have changed my blog over time and as I change and my reading changes no doubt the blog will continue to change.

Sophisticated Dorkiness – Reading Habits and Milestones The overwhelming result here is that book bloggers are reading more widely. I concur 100%. I would never have read any Mary Stewart for example if it was not for blogging or Katie Fforde who I came across and wondered why I had not read her books before. So it has widen my reading, shrunken my bank balance and brought me so much pleasure. I read a lot more crime and thriller books now thanks to blogs and the lovely publishers out there as well.

And it is of course great to know that I am not weird and there are many people out there who read just as much as me and some rather quirky reads as well! Who cares if some think it is just a load of tosh you are reading. I am reading and I get so much joy and pleasure from it.

Am I an established Book Blogger? I don’t think I can answer that, surely that is up to those who read and comment on my blog.

Do pop along and read some of these posts, they are very interesting and although it is in no way a scientific study I think it gives you a feel of what the book blogging community is like.


2 thoughts on “Jottings #13 Surveys

  1. Thanks, that was very interesting. I didn’t have any problems about blogging until recently when it became a bit more of a chore than fun. This has been due to the stress involved in having our house up for sale, I hope to feel better in general when it is all done and dusted, whenever that may be!

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