The Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists – Gideon Defoe

There is a lot that the Pirate Captain has done so far in his travels, he has faced Moby Dick and also rescued and sailed with Charles Darwin. Of course there has to be some inevitability that he will meet Communists. It is such a varied life that the Pirate Captain leads.

On their way to London, to buy a new suit for the Captain, the whole crew seem to get into some sort of bother. The Pirate Captain is arrested for being Karl Marx, it is quite obvious that he isn’t as his beard is far superior to that of Marx. But it leads to the possibility that these communists are caught up in some sort of plot and being blamed for everything.

The crew move to Paris, where the sample the delights that the city has to offer; splitting up they simlutaneoulsy experience the Mona Lisa

“It lacks a certain something”, said the pirate with gout.

Some went to see Madame Tussauds;

“Do you suppose they have nipples?”, the pirate with a peg-leg wondered out loud. trying to peer down Nell Gwyn’s top.

The rest went to see the Folies Bergere;

“I heard that they don’t wear any knickers when they do they cancan!” said the pirate with rickets.

In the meantime the Pirate Captain starts to help Marx so his name and that of the communists is not blackened. They all need a plan.

“…you see this is why it pays to think plans through past the very first bit. Really that’s what distinguishes  “a plan” from “running about in a flap”.”

Somehow this motley crew of pirates and their Pirate Captain, live to fight another day.

These books are funny, they are wry and have a historical slant to them. Sometimes a bit near the mark if you are letting youngsters read them, but that said they would probably not get the references at all. Anything you may not be sure of, Gideon Defoe gives us footnotes. If you want something that is light and not demanding then this is the book for you. I am not a fan of comic novels, but these really hit the spot and I cannot wait to join the Captain Pirate for more adventures soon. And of course the final philosophical word should go to the Pirate Captain ” Life is like a big shanty. Everything will be fine so long as everyone sings in harmony”. How true that is and how it applies to so much.

I do so enjoy these books and I haven’t even seen the film yet of the first adventure. I think this is as close as I am going to get to a comic and illustrated novel at the moment. I look forward to reading the next one, Napoleon and the Romantics. They also are books which look good on a shelf together. 


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