Key Lime Pie Murder – Joanne Fluke

I am back with Hannah Swensen, in Lake Eden and the beauty of reading a book in a series is that you can catch up on all the characters. There is something familiar about them all and you like to take a peek at their lives.

This time round, Hannah has been called to judge a baking competition at the local country fair. Of course this means that we get to hear about even more delicious recipes besides Hannah’s cookie ones. Although Hannah knows one of the judges she has only just met Willa the other judge. There seems something mysterious about her. Hannah likes a good mystery however this turns into a murder mystery when Willa is found dead at the county fair ground by, yes of course, by Hannah.

Hannah’s mother despises the ability she has in finding dead bodies. But she is also most keen on finding out all the gossip as well. In such a small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business and it is that which helps Hannah solves nearly all her mysteries.

Of course Mike, the local sheriff does not want Hannah involved as it puts her in danger and he does not like that, especially as he still has his heart set on her. But then so does Norman, who seems to be winning favour with Moshie, Hannah’s rather changeable cat. But who will eventually get her heart. Who knows and now at book nine, I wonder whether this particular story line is wearing a bit thin. All the other characters are happily getting on with their lives, there are developments, there is progress as well as heart ache and setbacks, but for Hannah it all seems to be standing still for her.

However, the only thing that does move is Hannah in the right direction and finds out who claimed the life of Willa so cruelly. This is a cosy crime book which does well to incorporate the aspects of small community life where everything seemed all that much nicer – obviously apart from the murders!

Great escapist easy reading. But worth reading in order to really understand Hannah and the recurring characters in the books.

I was on a bit of a binge reading of Hannah Swensen mysteries. It was all my brain could cope with. I actually had to stop myself moving onto book ten, because there are many many other books calling out to me to be read. But I could just sneak and read it on my kindle….. nobody would know…..


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