An Autumn Crush – Milly Johnson

This has the autumn recipe to warm your heart as the summer days are merely a distant memory.

Juliet is divorced, it turns out her husband would rather have her best friend than her. So now out on her own in her thirties it is time to take stock of who she is and go after the right man after all. She has someone in her sights. Trouble is that someone does not have Juliet in their sights but there is someone who has set their cap at Juliet, expect she just cannot see it. Steve is simply her twin brother, Guy’s annoying best friend.

Now Guy has his eye turned by Juliet’s new flatmate, Floz. Trouble is every time he sees her or even speaks to her he seems to just make a fool of himself. Floz thinks he is not very nice but that does not matter she is involved with someone, albeit at a distance but it looks like that potential relationship is doomed.

So 4 single people all related in some ways – you know what is going to happen. But who cares? Not I.

This is a book which is modern, the language and the references are up to date. For a change it does not contain vacuous skinny girls but  voluptuous real women dealing with modern issues. The men are trying to be macho but really quite vulnerable and simply wanting love. It deals with the crushes we have as teenagers and how they are still lying dormant despite becoming adults. The crushes from afar and close up. It encompasses many ways we love people, and how sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Perhaps it is all meant to be.

This is a novel, to escape with. Predictable in the fact that you know what will happen, but as I say who cares, just read and enjoy.

This is my first Milly Johnson read. Another author I have found with a back list to catch up on, especially if I want some afternoon escapist reading. 


2 thoughts on “An Autumn Crush – Milly Johnson

  1. I rather like the sound of this and like you have no objection to being able to guess easily how the plot will go. In fact, sometimes that’s exactly what you want!

  2. “This is a book which is modern, the language and the references are up to date.” Is this polite code for frequent use of the “F” word, or are you alluding to other current linguistic trends such as referring to good things as “totes brilliant” (or similar)? I always think someone is referring to a pair of slippers when I hear that.

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