Jottings #12 Jumbles and Jigsaws

I really do not know where time has gone or is going, and I thought it was time that I popped along and say hello. There is nothing amazing or major going on, it is just work is thoroughly busy and I seem to have less time to get on the computer at home and post reviews. When you have been looking at figures and a screen all day, firing up the laptop in an evening (stand fast today) is not really what I want to do. I am still reading which is good. But there is much I would like to mention and share, hence why I thought I would do this post of my jumbled thoughts and see if you can find the pieces to put it all together in some semblance of a jigsaw.

Strictly – Yes it is that time of year again, and yes I am watching it. However, I have to say I think I might have to say that this programme may have had its day. Over two hours of a programme on a Saturday night is some sort of marathon and I often get up and wander about doing other things whilst it is on. The celebrities seem to be getting less famous or well-known as the series goes on and the jokes are predictable whether they come from Tess, Bruce or even the judges.

The other factor that makes me think, enough is enough. Is the results show. Sorry if I am going to spoil something for you, but they film it on a Saturday night and simply change costumes and presenters and then claim it is a Sunday. Do not insult the British audience’s intelligence, they know. And if they are also intelligent enough and not completely hooked by the programme, they probably know who is out anyway. I check on a Sunday AM through the medium of Twitter who has left. How many others are doing this? So I am not really watching the programme when it is on.  I feel because I am not hooked by the programme I don’t really care about it any more. And if you check out Elaine’s Blog she has got this two-hour programme down to about forty minutes by recording it and watching at another time, and fast forwarding through all the dross that fills the programme. But because I am fickle, I will still watch it and perhaps when it gets down to the last few it might be a bit more captivating, until then it will be a background noise on a Saturday night for me.

Sticking with TV and getting down to the last few is The Great British Bake OffNext week is the final – oooooo. I have been hooked by all these wonderful individuals who have brought so much to the programme. I think Mary Berry has been harsher than in previous years and Paul Hollywood, still has that smug look (along with contestant Frances) about him and I always think he needs taking down a peg or two. I so want to be able to bake every week. When I have lost the few pounds (weight not money) that have crept in I will certainly give my baking skills a bit of an exercise. It will not be anything so creative as these people but still it is lovely to eat homemade stuff. Doesn’t it taste better than shop bought mass manufactured items?

And I also cannot understand why the next series of GBBO has to be moved to BBC One. Again are they insulting are intelligence that we cannot possibly work out where to find one of our favourite programmes to watch? We can work a remote control. And also in this day and age where you can record your TV programmes weeks in advance, from your mobile phone, your bus, work, the loo, in the pub or wherever. Does it really matter which flipping channel it is broadcast on? Rant over.

Don’t worry BBC I managed to turn my television over when I wanted to another programme which is a favourite – Downton Abbey. (I went from 1 to 3 on my remote control – I had to lie down afterwards of course). I know folks have complained about a scene a couple of programmes ago and they have every right to do so. It could have been a lot worse, I am sure and more graphic. Sometimes it is the suggestion which is worse. I was only disappointed by the fact that it was Nigel Harman that did the deed! (Secret Crush – not so secret now) That aside, I do like the subtle wry wit and humour between some of the characters, makes me chuckle on a Sunday night.

Now enough television, what about books. Well I have 4 waiting to be reviewed and also a book club meeting to write up. Then a post on a book I gave up on, life is too short.  I have the posts created as an incentive to get me to moving. In fact some have words on them too! As for the books that need reading, well I expect it is like all of you out there – too many to choose from. I have been making a headway into some of my books which is good but I need to turn to some of the wonderful offerings from the publishers. Too many books, too little time.

I am intrigued by the winner of the Man Booker Prize, I like the sound of the book. Anyone read it? Would you recommend? I see it is a mighty tome.

As for the new Bridget Jones, I am slightly disheartened to read that Mark Darcy is no more. And it was part serialised in a newspaper, which put me off too. I have read very mixed reviews about it so I think I might wait for a paperback version. Sometimes it is best not to go back. Although if I was one of the lucky few that got a copy of the book, with part of the David Jason autobiography in it then I would have been thrilled! His book is on the Christmas List for sure.

I heard him on Chris Evans Breakfast Show last Friday on BBC Radio 2. If you get the chance do catch up on some of the clips. I am most excited that Open All Hours is coming back for a one off at Christmas. I loved that programme, I have it on DVD and watch it at least once or twice a year. I so wanted to go and poke round the shop. I did get to have a picture of the outside of it a few years back. It is in fact a hairdresser’s in Doncaster and round the corner from where many of many relatives lived and are now buried.  It will be interesting to see how it will all work some thirty years later.


Knitting, I have been knitting. Stitching, felting, painting, glueing in fact a range of crafty things. (Distracts from Strictly!) I am in the process of knitting squares for a blanket for a friend who is most poorly. There is a group of us doing it, as a joint gift. Then we thought we would make some more stuff to sell and raise money for my friend who is hoping to run the London marathon next year for the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust.

Followers of this blog will know that I decamp to the Knitting and Stitching Show every year with my mum for the day. This year’s trip has just passed and I need to share all that with you too. Although the coach journey has a strikingly familiar feel to it from past years…….

What else is going on – well Saturday is Guildford Book Festival Readers Day and I am off again to Guildford (Funny that!) to pick up lots more recommendations no doubt for my every growing wish list. I am trying to resist buying books. I have a couple already which I might take with me to get signed. I will report back to you all, there are lots of authors going who I have not read anything by them at all!

Autumn they say it is – but I have the new warmer fluffier slippers out. The heating has been tested to make sure it is working, although I have had no hot water in my bathroom for a while; now sorted and the winter quilt is on. I think I could quite happily hibernate.

I am fitting in swimming, Body Pump, sleeping, cleaning, eating and all of life’s other bits and bobs as well as working too! One of the reasons we are busy at work is well check out the Court Circular tomorrow (17 Oct). I will not be there, I have been more involved in preparation, but I am sure she is not worried that she will not meet me.

Hope you have enjoyed my jigsaw come jumble of thoughts and that if I have not popped by your blog and said hello for a while, I have been dropping in when I can.

What have you all been up to?


3 thoughts on “Jottings #12 Jumbles and Jigsaws

  1. Quite a long post that for someone who, quite understandably, does not want to spend the evening at the PC. I enjoyed the bit about having to have a lie down after switching the TV remote control from 1 to 3. Oddly enough, it has been proven time and again that the same programme will get more viewers if it is on BBC One rather than Two. I’ve never understood that.

    We have to be careful talking about Downton Abbey because our American friends get upset if they accidentally stumble across spoilers. Leaving aside the controversial incident to which you allude, it has been quite a bitty series so far, with little in the way of major storylines. Lots of issues, like the dismissal of the nanny or Mrs Padmore’s sudden illness, get resolved very quickly. Incidentally, have you noticed we have not seen the children since the nanny left? Despite all of this, I actually think it could be the strongest series since the first one. It is refreshing to have a continuing drama that feels confident enough not to have to rely on major disasters every episode. It has been good to see a more human side to Carson, something previously brought out only by Lady Mary. Echoes of Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day, perhaps? Similarly, I was really touched by Isobel Crawley’s reaction to the possible appearance of a new man in Mary’s life. Her quiet, but persistent grief, is one of the strands that has actually continued through the episodes so far, avoiding TV’s tendency to try and move on too quickly after deaths, particularly in “feel good” Sunday evening shows.

    Have a good time in Guildford.

  2. I enjoyed that, especially the rants and Auntie Beeb moans. You’ve been so busy, and where I am nothing much is going on, I felt quite tired just reading about it all. Looking forward to reading about the Knitting and Stitching Show.

  3. We don’t get the TV series here until much later and by then it’s a bit of anti-climax as keen fans have already downloaded them. I noticed that Top of the Lake is soon to start on ARTE TV, the cultural programme, but being so out of sync with TV, I’d almost have to set my alarm to remember when to watch it.

    But I am 600 pages into The Luminaries and while it’s length seems more determined by mathematical and astronomical devices than necessity, it is an enjoyable read. I’ve said elsewhere that it’s a bit like reading Dostoevsky and watching a western, it’s set in the 1860’s during the gold rush and centres around 12 men and a number of conspiracies, which are not handled at all like a conventional mystery. Eleanor Catton confesses her love of box-set TV series and in a way I get that to, the chapters are like episodes and I can well imagine this on screen, where every character has his skeletons in the closet, secrets to be revealed, a past that is not yet known.

    No heating on here yet (an apartment so have to wait for the mgmt to decide it’s cold enough), but yesterday it was 24 degrees, so I’m not sure what the neighbours are complaining about, probably because it’s nearly always the 15th Oct that the cold arrives and though it’s hinted at coming, it’s really not arrived yet, a snowfall on the Alps will bring the cold winds.

    Looking forward to some cosy winter reads and reading more of your reviews. 🙂

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