Before I Go To Sleep – S.J. Watson

How do you review a book which you have come late to in reading. Surely everyone else has read it and you have not! The book is simple in its form – Christine wakes up every morning with no memory of who she is, how old she is, who the man is lying next to her in bed, no memory of her work life, her family life. Every day she has to relearn everything.

But the book is going to obviously be more than that. It has to be. The trouble is as you read you are just not sure what is wrong with Christine. Or what happened to her.

With encouragement from a doctor, she begins to write a journal about what she remembers each day. What a wonderful way to remember without causing yourself any pain. The trouble is the first thing written in this journal is “Do Not Trust Ben”.

Ben is her husband.

As you read on which the book compels you to do you begin to see these little chinks which don’t make sense. This is the plot, it is not the writing. I did not question some of the plot holes that others have spoken about, I just went and accepted everything.

Because of this I was drawn into this thrilling page turner and wondered if I was really reading what I was, and that perhaps the author was playing with our minds as well.

As you come to the end, the pace picks up and everything you thought is simply thrown up in the air and lands back the way it should do. You just hope that for Christine when she wakes up she remembers the right things.

A good thrilling read and if you can be swept along with it you will enjoy it. Let the characters do the questioning, let the author guide you as he sees fit and you will enjoy it. Become too critical and perhaps it will lose its impact. If this is the standard of a début work then it can only get better with any future books.

This was a choice for my Book Club. I was aware of the book as you can be when books seem to be everywhere and there is a lot of hype about it. I tend to buy them but then avoid reading them until it has all died down. I only bought the book I after I had heard the author speak about the book last year… but it sat on my shelf for a while. 

This was a book that is difficult to review especially when it has been around for a while, but also when too much about the book will actually give away far too much of the plot. I hope if you have not read the book this gives you a little teaser without giving anything away. If you have read the book, I hope I have done it some justice. 

It will be interesting to see where SJ Watson goes with his second novel. 


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