September Roundup

Yes it has been and gone – September. Summer is barely a memory, as the focus seems to be the C word looming on the horizon accompanied with the thought of nights drawing in, warm blankets, thicker tights, the winter quilt coming out of hibernation, making those warming stews and soups. Stodgy puddings and custard too!   Summer is great but so is Autumn. Then there is the reading for September  – it is always a slow month,  mainly because I got back to work and hit the ground running and I have yet to come up for air! Rather than reading when I get to bed, my eyes are fast closing. It is just routine, once I have got that back (it is slowly there) the reading will pick up too.

The books have been rather a mixed bag and perhaps and the first book of the month nearly put me off reading. Mary Simses – The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe was something I thought was really going to hit the spot in terms of going back to work and indulging in some blueberry muffins. A comfort read of sorts. It was just not right. Well you can’t have it always I suppose.

When in doubt perhaps go back to something you know, So I did with Fern Britton – The Holiday Home.  A good fun read which considering it is from a  ‘celeb’ is actually well written and crafted. There was something bright and cheery about this book and let you think you were perhaps still on your holidays.  I continued to go back to what I know and like and that was with Debbie Macomber – 1022 Evergreen Place. It was like revisiting old friends and familiar places and I only have one book in the series to go. But that is not a problem because I can then embark on another one of Debbie Macomber’s series of books and continue the friendly reads.

There was not much crime this month – the only book that sort of fits this category is S.J.Watson – Before I Go to Sleep* which is more thriller than anything else. It was the choice of my book club and went down very well. It was one of those books that everyone had been talking about and read but I tend to avoid these until all the fuss has died down.  Sometimes it is better that way and you have lost all the influence that is around about the book.

Another book which had a lot of fuss about it was Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire*. The second in The Hunger Games trilogy and I devoured this book just as I did the first and I am desperate to read the final book but I am not sure whether to wait until I have seen the film adaptation which comes out in November and is forming part of my birthday celebration weekend, along with tea and jazz.

A less well known book I think is Clare Morrall – The Roundabout Man*. This book I have been aware of for quite while thanks to other bloggers and I have been waiting for it to appear as a paperback. When I spotted it in my local library on a recent visit I knew I wanted to finally get round to reading it. It really is a wonderful novel and I could visualise it on the screen as well as it has so many layers to it.

So I told you a quiet reading month and a quiet reading month it has been. I am finishing the month indulging myself in some easy reading with women’s fiction. I did try one book but got no more than 20 pages before I abandoned it. It has to be done, especially when there are so many books out there to be read.  It is rather a refreshing feeling to do it.

Let me get on with my October reading and who knows what they may bring?

*Book review yet to appear on this blog.


2 thoughts on “September Roundup

  1. September was a slow reading month for me too with the school term starting and me starting a new college course too. You’ve read a good mix I am really interested to hear what you thought of Catching Fire. Here’s hoping our reading picks up in October especially our crime reading which is so perfect for Autumnal evenings 🙂

  2. “There was not much crime this month.” I’m pleased to hear you have turned away from becoming an international criminal mastermind. [Insert appropriate emoticon to indicate that was a joke!]

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