1022 Evergreen Place – Debbie Macomber

Life is still happening in Cedar Cove for its residents and whilst some are recovering from illness and death. There are others who are embarking on new chapters in their life and they have decided to tell us all about it in this tenth book in the series.

Mary Jo is in love with her neighbour, that is certain. He is equally in love with her and her delightfully daughter who he helped bring into this world one Christmas Eve in his job as a local fire-fighter. Trouble is their relationship is just not getting off to the right start, there are too many secrets and stubbornness in both characters and it looks like they might be going to lose each other. The one thing neither of them want to do is to lose is baby Noelle to her real father. He is simply interested in making trouble and nothing else.

Meanwhile the marriage of Rachel and Bruce is suffering. The problem is Bruce’s daughter Jolene, who whilst once thinking it was a good idea for Rachel to marry her dad, now that it has happened it seems to have not the same effect. You can feel the tension building between them all and it is inevitable something is going to happen. It is just Rachel has a surprise and it looks like it could ruin it for them all. Perhaps she has only one choice.

But this book is not just about these Cedar Cove residents, there are many mentioned as we catch up on their lives. Olivia is recovering well from her cancer. Her brother WIll, seems to have settled back into the area, but women are not falling at his feet as they once did. Grace, Olivia’s friend has a new initiative at the library which seems to be working, and brings together two rather different teenagers. And so it all goes on full circle with their lives intertwining whilst we read what happens.

If you are a fan of sagas, then this is the series for you, but I would go and start at the beginning you will enjoy it much more!

I only have one more of this series to read  – the aim to read it before the end of 2013. 

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