I Should Be So Lucky – Judy Astley

You could say Viola is an unlucky person?

Unlucky with her men.

Her first husband, Marco and father of her daughter, Rachel is gay.

Her second husband, Rhys was famous for five seconds in his past but carried on living on those few moments of fame until he left the house one day after an argument and proceeded to have a fatal argument in his car with a wall.

Unlucky with her family.

Being the baby sister, to Kate and Miles they have rather condemned her choices in life. When she decides to move out of the family home after seeking sanctuary there when Rhys died and go back to the house she knows and loves they all seemingly gang up on her for abandoning their mother and telling her she will fail. Is there something they are hiding from her? And why do they not want her to get on with her life?

Perhaps Viola’s luck just needs to change that is all.

One night, when she is driving home, the car goes wrong and ends up in the middle of a roundabout right where a man with a shovel is digging a hole. It looks like Viola’s luck is not going to change? But then Viola suddenly decides that she might need to take charge of her life and change her luck no matter what anyone else thinks.

Escapism read, which although perhaps could be said to be predictable there is great satisfaction when some characters get their comeuppance or for those whose luck does change for the better. Written well as the characters got under my skin which is always the sign of a good read in my opinion.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me this novel to read, I have never read any Judy Astley before and it was the right read I needed at the time of picking it up.

I also have In The Summertime by this author on the to read pile from the publisher, so it will be interesting to see how the books compare and whether they follow a formulaic pattern or have a uniqueness to them. 

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