July Roundup

Apparently July has been and gone – eh? Did I miss it, because it certainly feels like I have and it also certainly feels like I have hardly read anything at all. Work went into manic mode with various redundancies, investigations, paperwork, large functions and important visitors has resulted in me struggling to do more than read a page at night before my eyelids start closing. Stop moaning Jo – you did read some books! So what were they?

They can be summed up as New, Old and Talked About.

New came in the form of the new novel from Veronica Henry – A Night on the Orient Express. A delightful book which was pure escapism and took me away from everything and let me experience a jolly good ride on a train and a jolly nice time! My review is currently the most popular on Amazon at the moment ! It is certainly an ideal book for a summer holiday.

Another new came in the form of new book and new author for me. I do love a cracking good story. Marita Conlon-McKenna – The Rose Garden* provided just that. This was a book I spent a Friday night starting and a Saturday morning finishing and then the rest of the day wondering where I could get more of her novels from! In the style of all Irish Female Authors this really was a read I would recommend.

When you find something new that is good it reminds you of the old authors that you enjoy and absorb reading all their work and it was Adele Parks – Game Over which took me back to an author I have read before. This was a real eye opener of a book, using the medium of what goes on in television and particularly reality tv shows made it a book of its age that perhaps anyone wanting to achieve fame this may, need to think again whether they are merely pawns in a much larger game of chess.

Old and Talked about could cover the next two books that I have read in July. First of all, my book club choice for this month was Anne Frank – Diary of a Young Girl. It is an old book, being published after the Second World War and also it is a book that is talked about a lot as it is reprinted and has various editions since then. For us the main conclusion is it was a book that you should read when you were young and that actually it was a book that not any of us finished. I did though I did skim reading a lot. Other than one member who is actually visiting with her daughter, I don’t think anyone else will finish it.

Talked about book must go to Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn which was published last year and what everyone was talking about. I bought the book when it was on offer (I am gullible!) but then books like this sit on my shelf until after the fuss dies down and then I pick them up and read. The opportunity came when my friend said she was reading it for her other book club and everyone was struggling. I wanted to see what the fuss was about, and I admit to thoroughly enjoying it – my friend’s book club no one liked and no one finished it. Isn’t the world of books and reading such a wonderful diverse thing!

And the final book I have completed in July, probably doesn’t come into any of these categories or all of them. When you are having a reading drought, when your brain cannot cope with much more than cotton wool is M.C.Beaton – Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell.* Marriage is never going to work for Agatha, despite somewhere in my heart wanting her to find happiness, it just is not going to happen!

So that is it for July. I actually have two books on the go at the moment. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory which I am thoroughly enjoying and have nearly finished but it wont happen in July and also Nicola Upson – Fear in the Sunlight, which I am reading on my kindle and I think it might go unfinished, which I am quite upset about as I enjoyed her other novels but this one just seems far too confusing.

As my holiday beckons there will be more time for reading, more time for blogging (and reading blogs – apologies if I have not commented on yours) and more time for crafts too. I am hoping August, will be a better month all round……….

* Book review yet to appear on this blog

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