Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Nick’s wife Amy has disappeared.

He comes back to their house to find that the front door is open, the lounge has been turned over and his wife is gone.

Nick has to be number one suspect; doesn’t he?

But the clues to Amy’s disappearance lead Nick to believe something else is going on?

Nick makes an appeal. Amy’s parents make a heartfelt plea. But something does not quite add up.

Is Nick really genuinely upset about his wife’s disappearance?

The structure of the novel, shows what is happening to Nick as the hours and days go by from Amy going missing. Interspersed with this is Amy’s diary entries of life as Nick’s wife and all the things that have been going on.

They say there are two sides to every story?

And with a complete twist just about half way in, you have to completely reassess everything you had thought about Nick and Amy.

I had to keep turning the pages to find out exactly what was going on – this book was not as I expected – and then I got to the end……..

Much has been written about this book, it has been contested as a must read thriller. And it appeared on my book shelf when all the hype was going on and there it remained until I felt it was time for me to read it.

That time has been (and now gone) and I have to say I can see why people are saying it is a must read. I can also see why some people were not so sure about it, it does take a big build up to get going and you might just have to persevere with it. I think it is worth it. It was a book that made me think when I was not reading it and made me want to devour all of it quicker than I could actually read. And still now, days after finishing it I am still wondering.

Do we really know what is going on?

Ooo this book got under my skin, and it was a book which made me want to read and not do anything else. I am interested to see what else the author has written and whether it will capture my imagination as much as this has done. 

Have you read it? Did you get engrossed by it? Or why is it just boring (according to a friend of a friend)?

3 thoughts on “Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

  1. I’ve kind of stayed away from this one as everyone has been raving about it… But… I may just pick it up when I’ve got a spare moment.

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