Game Over – Adele Parks

Cas is a character within this book which you are either going to love or hate in probably equal measure. Cas works in the television industry, she is a producer on a tv channel that is losing audience figures by the day and needs to find a programme to make it stand out from anything else.

Cas hits upon an idea, an idea that will solve everything – a programme which relies on the general public turning up and watching a couple on the brink of marriage and whether they would ever be tempted one last time with an ex. It has elements of every reality tv show you can think of in there – and I think this book reflects the sudden fascination we have sitting on our sofas at home and watching other people’s lives fall apart. Cas thinks she is onto a winner, and this will enhance her career even further – it’s all she wants because she knows that no one can resist.

But then Cas, who uses men as a hobby and manipulates them purely for her own need suddenly meets Darren and she cannot convince him to be part of the television show which is sweeping the nation, and causing the wedding industry to take a financial hit.

Darren has something that Cas does not – morals and principles.

Cas is convinced that Darren will be easily swayed and sets out to prove something to everyone and herself.

How wrong Cas is!

And finally just when you think that actually you could hate Cas no more, she suddenly has a side to her that makes you think that all that hurt and bottled up anger and bitterness about the male sex, is just a front, is a protection against the one thing she cannot control – falling in love.

Sorry Cas, it looks like it is Game Over for you in this instance.

This is a great escapism read, that actually might hit on a reflection of they type of television programmes we watch and actually fill our schedules night after night. It was that which made me cringe slightly, and think how low can the entertainment business go to get viewing figures and reputations. This novel I think reflects that very well, under a basic girl and boy fall in love story, she just makes it that little bit more difficult for Cas but not for Darren, who I happily fell in love, because of his morals and his principles!

This is an author that I have come back to. I read some of her books in my early twenties, and I seem to be now going back and filling in all the gaps – though I know I had not read this one. I am sure a couple I have read over the last few years since I have been keeping lists and this blog, have been familiar but not to the point where I know exactly what is going to happen.