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Time is running away with me somewhere, I have lots of things to blog about and books to review and just general stuff to share,  but by the time I get home in the evening, I have lost momentum to open the laptop and to start typing. Especially when I have been staring at spreadsheet and the like all day. But I have found so momentum, so there is no stopping me at the moment..


I held a giveaway at the end of last month for M.L.Stedman’s – The Light Between the Oceans. I had not forgotten and I am pleased to announce the winner is Pat (sorry no knitted mermaid this time)

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  3. jessicabookworm
  4. davey

Timestamp: 2013-06-29 10:10:00 UTC (Courtsey of

Pat I have emailed you, but please contact me if you see this!


It is Wimbledon time and I think we are going to have an interesting second week, as a number of well-known and well seeded players tumble out of SW19. Do pop over and read Elaine’s musings on the matter.

I must just mention WHSmiths – over the last couple of weeks, I have had cause to pop into one and see if they had a book, (Waterstones did not) and I promptly came out again, disorientated by the lack of organisation and the fact that all the books seem to have been shoved on shelves with no rhyme or reason. I felt so dizzy I came out, shaking my head and wondering why? Is it just the two local ‘Smiffs’ near me like that or do you have a similar experience. Oddly enough when I go in charity shops and look at books I do not get the same feeling and their books are generally not in any order either?


Expect some posts on knitting and baking soon as well as my day out at newbooks magazine Reader’s Day. And if you were here around a year ago you will remember the 6 in 6 meme I started. Well I am going to bring it back this year so I do hope you join in.