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It has been a while since I have mentioned any crafty type stuff on the blog, but I have been beavering away and have rather got back the knitting bug. I started with a Mermaid which I wanted to knit and challenge myself, as I normally stick to squares, blankets and scarfs – nothing difficult.

I then got this fancy idea that I wanted to knit a swimmer – using the basis of one of the patterns that came from the same designer Jean Greenhowe as the mermaid – it started well, and I thought I was getting somewhere, but I knew something was wrong…


The body was just not long enough – I followed the pattern, but it still was not looking right. I tried to knit freestyle a swimming costume, but it went disastrously wrong and I was rather disheartened –  I can’ really knit off pattern using my own designs and patterns as my mum can do. So I decided to seek mums advice…. she was all for taking the arms off and unpicking it and then knitting a longer body….

photo (1)

I left her to this massacre – this photo amuses me no end and rather apparently frightened my dad. Exploding people. She did knit it back with a longer body, but I had lost heart with it, and it is currently languishing with some knitted pink pants that mum did as well, in a bag along with the arms slung in and is all abandoned.

I knew I had to go back to a pattern – I can follow a pattern – I am an organised person and I like to know what I am doing, where I am going and the end result. I decided on a witch! Mermaid to swimmer, to witch is rather a large leap but there you go. I thought I would be daring and not go with the colours they did for the pattern. I like to live life on the edge!

From Jean Greenhowe Designs

So with my wool selected, off I went from this:

photo (2)to this:

photo (3)The pins are just for placement… to this

photo (4)I just love the purple hair!

To the final finished doll, complete with broom:

photo (5)

I am secretly rather pleased and I love the uniqueness of it as well. I chose purple, because it is a favourite colour of mine and I had the variegated wool because I had been using it to help  my neighbours little girl to knit. Although I was unsure of how to answer her question of – how do they colour it like that? Kids ask lots of questions, like firing bullets from a gun, I am not used to it.

So there you go, mission accomplished – but now I have got the bug, and this person does not have separate legs, it is a knitted tube and you stitch the legs after, so she cannot stand up independently. Oh but I have access (mum of course) to the designers other leaflets and some of them do stand up.

Oh look there is a maid and a cleaner – that would fit well with my book club’s choice One Pair of Hands by Monica Dickens – perhaps I will knit all the members one………….

8 thoughts on “People Knitting

  1. Nice work. When I started reading this I thought your swimmer might have been inspired by a mutal online friend of ours, but I’m hesitant to say that now given the fate of that particular creation.

    Vast swathes of the internet are given over to angry people ranting about stuff and being obnoxious; then there are blog posts like this that just spread happiness. Making things is supposed to be good for our sense of well-being, but I find that even reading about other people making things is good for the soul. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. As a fellow swimmer I just had this idea….it’s still forming, I have another book to have a go at.

      Glad the post cheered your soul.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Now I know why I stick to crocheting blankets and knitting scarves these days!

    I used to constantly have a jumper or cardigan on the go, however with the onset of blogging and other very time consuming activities, I decided to hang up the needles on the more complicated stuff and stick to something which didn’t demand too much concentration or pattern following.

    My efforts are now confined to items which I can donate to the charity shop where I volunteer and are usually made up from the wool I purchase, which has already been donated, so the charity benefits twice over.

    Unfortunately there is nowhere where you are legally allowed to sell knitted toys these days, here in the UK, as everything sold commercially has to have a CE label attached. This means that all stuffing has to be specially purchased to meet EU specifications, together with a CE label. By attaching that label, the maker is then assuming full responsibility for the safety of the item. So me, I wold have left a headless and armless swimmer to its fate!! LOL

    Have fun whatever you make, that’s the name of the game surely!


    1. Most made items go as gifts thank goodness, would take the fun out of it if I had to be held to ransom by Health & Safety!

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