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It has been a while since I have mentioned any crafty type stuff on the blog, but I have been beavering away and have rather got back the knitting bug. I started with a Mermaid which I wanted to knit and challenge myself, as I normally stick to squares, blankets and scarfs – nothing difficult.

I then got this fancy idea that I wanted to knit a swimmer – using the basis of one of the patterns that came from the same designer Jean Greenhowe as the mermaid – it started well, and I thought I was getting somewhere, but I knew something was wrong…


The body was just not long enough – I followed the pattern, but it still was not looking right. I tried to knit freestyle a swimming costume, but it went disastrously wrong and I was rather disheartened –  I can’ really knit off pattern using my own designs and patterns as my mum can do. So I decided to seek mums advice…. she was all for taking the arms off and unpicking it and then knitting a longer body….

photo (1)

I left her to this massacre – this photo amuses me no end and rather apparently frightened my dad. Exploding people. She did knit it back with a longer body, but I had lost heart with it, and it is currently languishing with some knitted pink pants that mum did as well, in a bag along with the arms slung in and is all abandoned.

I knew I had to go back to a pattern – I can follow a pattern – I am an organised person and I like to know what I am doing, where I am going and the end result. I decided on a witch! Mermaid to swimmer, to witch is rather a large leap but there you go. I thought I would be daring and not go with the colours they did for the pattern. I like to live life on the edge!

From Jean Greenhowe Designs

So with my wool selected, off I went from this:

photo (2)to this:

photo (3)The pins are just for placement… to this

photo (4)I just love the purple hair!

To the final finished doll, complete with broom:

photo (5)

I am secretly rather pleased and I love the uniqueness of it as well. I chose purple, because it is a favourite colour of mine and I had the variegated wool because I had been using it to help  my neighbours little girl to knit. Although I was unsure of how to answer her question of – how do they colour it like that? Kids ask lots of questions, like firing bullets from a gun, I am not used to it.

So there you go, mission accomplished – but now I have got the bug, and this person does not have separate legs, it is a knitted tube and you stitch the legs after, so she cannot stand up independently. Oh but I have access (mum of course) to the designers other leaflets and some of them do stand up.

Oh look there is a maid and a cleaner – that would fit well with my book club’s choice One Pair of Hands by Monica Dickens – perhaps I will knit all the members one………….