Love is Blind – Kathy Lette

How can a quick read give you characters that get right under your skin from about the second or third page in? Well this quick read can.

Jane makes the rather rash decision to move to the other side of the world to speed up her chances of getting a husband – apparently in one town in the Australian outback  there is a shortage of women. Jane’s sister, Anthea, the one that got right under my skin, with her self-righteous attitude and oh so perfect life and boyfriend thinks Jane has lost her mind. 

But Jane goes, and so Anthea follows to make sure that Jane is not going to make the biggest mistake of her life. What she did not realise was that perhaps Andrea is the one making mistakes and that when you are least expecting it, something happens to make you see exactly what love is supposed to be about.

This is the first Kathy Lette I have read and I really enjoyed it as the characters were likable and unlikable in equal measures and there was enough to keep me interested and to keep reading. I was a bit unsure about the Tsunami in the Outback but I just went with it, and assumed that it was the case and these things did happen out there. It just made the romantic story-line that bit more exciting!  I will certainly pick up one of the author’s full length novels in the future.

This book was sent to me from the lovely people at Quick Reads. If you do not know about Quick Reads then please take a look here

Love is Blind was one of the choices for 2013. I have also read A Sea Change by Veronica Henry and A Dreadful Murder by Minette Walters. 

I am perhaps not one of the key target people that Quick Reads is aimed at people who read very little and think that reading is boring and not for them. I read a lot and find reading much more pleasurable than watching the goggle box – well most of the time! But it has introduced me to Kathy Lette – I have never read any of her novels before, now I have read this one, I will not be afraid of picking up one of her others, in fact I know there is a review copy sitting on the pile at home so to me Quick Reads has done its job!