Dead in the Water – Carola Dunn

Daisy Dalrymple is still trying to make her own way in the world through her writing – her latest assignment is to report for an American Magazine at the Henley regatta. She gets the chance not just to experience the rowing but also to spend time with her fiance Alec Fletcher and Inspector at Scotland Yard and not your average choice of man for an honourable lady such as Daisy and her set.

But this is the 1920s and everything is changing in the world. Those from the lower classes are suddenly on a par as those who have had a privileged background and where money, positions and who you know gets you to where  you want to be even if you are particularly no good – certainly this is the case for the members of the Oxford Rowing Team who also happen to be staying in the same house as Daisy.

The class war is alive and well in this story and it is with some obvious prediction that one of the warring rowing team is going to end up dead – and the other is going to be the main suspect. So Daisy and Alec’s quiet weekend away turns into an average few days for them as they investigate and try to find the culprit.

This particular story is heavy on the number of characters within it and it was rather confusing  especially as we were introduced to them in a rather random way. Their full names given and then all of a sudden hit with nicknames we were meant to grasp immediately as well as there relevance to the story line – too many for such a short book and some with little purpose.  Some were related to Daisy which I could not get my head round at all even after rereading the relevant passages. If you can accept this then the book is simply a jolly cosy mystery and goes along fairly well but for me not one of the better Daisy Dalrymple’s I have read.