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April Roundup

You can tell when it is holiday time from work for me – the reading rate increases rather quickly. Then I went back to work and all of a sudden I am a few days late in doing my April roundup – I have been so tired as work is increased due to contract changes (that I won’t bore you with) that I was mainly arriving home,eating, reading and then sleeping. Time was simply running away with me. However, with restorative cup of tea and a few hours in the sunshine I am able to catch up! Hello all followers, do feel free to comment.  I have been reading blogs, but apologies if I have not commented for a while.

So what did I read in April, well whilst I read a lot, the variety has been vast but some of the subjects of a similar theme and even title!

Cosy and familiar were the way forward and I spent some time with Katie Fforde – Love Letters and Trisha Ashley – Good Husband Material. I find these books such a tonic and am completely captivated and absorbed by the stories, thank you to both authors.

Cosy remained with crime as I read another Daisy Dalrymple story, this time book 6 of the series with Carola Dunn – Dead in the Water*. I suppose you could say they are cosy historical crime, as they are set in the 1920s but the remind me so much of Jeeves and Wooster that they are good escapism. I am not sure whether you would put Agatha Christie – A Caribbean Mystery* as cosy crime, as I think of these books as more traditional classic crime from the golden age. I was slightly disappointed with this book I have to confess, it was just not right taking Miss Marple out of the country village setting for me. However, it was a passable read and ticked another book of the list of challenges for 2013 as did the Daisy Dalrymple one. Sticking with crime, but certainly not the cosy sort was Cath Staincliffe- Bleed Like Me. The second in her Scott and Bailey prequel novels, based on the television series of the same name on ITV. A book with three strong female characters, who you would think would be jostling to take centre stage, but not one of these women ever seems to dominate more than the other, no doubt down to Cath Staincliffe’s excellent writing.

Ironically enough Strong female characters can be covered in the next two reads of April but rather in a tongue in cheek manner! First up we have the third (and maybe final?) part of Paul O’Grady’s autobiography – Still Standing: The Savage Years. Not as laugh out loud funny, as it covers some rather dark issues which are generally glossed over by some. What it did do was tell a few home truths and what it was really like at the time of developing the character Lily Savage, who I only knew from television. Another character that I have only just picked up on, from the television is that of Agnes Brown, from the TV series Mrs Brown’s Boys. Actually The Mammy by Brendan O’Carroll is the inspiration for the programme and well if you know who Brendan O’Carroll plays it all begins to make perfect Irish sense.

And now for something completely different, when I went to Wales to meet Wendy Jones – The Thoughts & Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals.Wilfred’s tale was a quiet, gentle one with some rather sobering consequences.Deception and love can make rather odd bedfellows. A debut novel from this author, that I think will gather more momentum, it is certainly a word of mouth book. Another word of mouth book or in this case – drawn in by the cover was Adrienne McDonnell – The Doctor & the Diva* is also a debut novel. It is set in places that were described beautifully, the heat of the Caribbean,  the snow of the American winter, the ruins of an European city but it lacked something int he characters. It did pique my interest of reading more historical fiction again, which I think has been rather lacking these last few months.

The beauty of book blogging, besides getting to share my love of books,and make lots of friends is also picking up on new books and authors from the review copies that are luckily enough to be sent to me. This was where Polly Williams – Husband, Missing* comes in. It arrived, it looked promising, but it got on the pile to read at some point, not on the pile that I know I will never read. However, when I saw the review of the book by a fellow blogger and tweeter Dot (@Dot_Scribbles) and the fact that she had devoured it in almost a day I knew it must be worth a look – so it got to the pile by my bed. She was right, and I devoured it in a couple of days and was hooked by a rather sad case of as the title says – a husband going missing, suddenly and unexpectedly. You could say it was romance, you could say it was a thriller, but it was just a jolly good read!

So April ended with me reading Sara Sheridan and Brighton Belle – I am back on the cosy historical crime train as I chug my way into May.

* Book review yet to appear on this blog