Love Letters – Katie Fforde

If you like women’s fiction, if you are a fan of romance and you love books, bookshops, authors and literature as a whole then this is so the book for you!

Laura works in one of those rare things – an independent book shop and she has forgone her life changing career that her parents wanted her to have to do something she simply and purely enjoys. However, the bookshop is about to close and she suddenly finds that she is not sure what she wants to do or where she wants to do it.

By chance when organising a book signing at the shop she encounters people in the book world and impressing them with her knowledge and broad range of books that she is suddenly put forward to help organise a literary festival.

This is not some small volunteering role, this is a rather large and ambitious inaugural event and when Laura happens to mention that she is enamoured by the work of  Dermot Flynn, everyone thinks she has some connections to him. It would be a coup to bring across from Ireland this infamous positively reclusive author. Everyone assumes that for Laura it will be easy. But the course of literary festivals and true love doesn’t run smoothly does it?

However, this new challenge has opened up some many doors for Laura, and she suddenly sees what she might have perhaps been missing in life and wants to experience everything. But Dermot Flynn is a door that is going to take a lot to open.  Laura open it in time for the festival.

Katie Fforde, has with this book created some really lively characters, I could easily picture the innocence of Laura and the wild dark Irishman that was Dermot. Coupled with Eleanora the publicist who gets what she wants and Grant, Laura’s only friend who wants to get Laura to actually have a life.  As well as the lovely couple Rupert and Fenella and even the big house they live in and the lovely village for the setting of the festival. It encapsulates everything in a good escapism read and the fact that is has a book theme was an added bonus for me.

This was the perfect read for my recent short break away. I am glad I have found Katie Fforde and I am enjoying catching up on all her novels. On to the next shortly I hope. 

4 thoughts on “Love Letters – Katie Fforde

  1. I have got to start reading some Katie Fforde; I keep seeing her books everywhere and I could do with some light hearted romance.

  2. Now that I own a tablet that can run an ebook app I finally have the chance to read books like this one, books that have an appeal to me but that I would be self conscious about buying, borrowing from a library or simply being seen reading. I don’t have a problem being seen reading Austen, but her work gains respectability from its classic status, whereas men are not supposed to read light romantic fiction aimed at female readers.

    Feeling left out of all the Valentines Day romance that was going on on Friday, I took the plunge and downloaded this one. I enjoyed it a lot, though not entirely without guilt, combined as it was with the guilt of having finally succumbed to the ebook. I found the tablet-based e-reading experience far more amenable than I had expected. That said I still find typing at any length on this thing a bit of a chore, so my more detailed opinion will have to wait until another day – assuming that is I am prepared to admit on Good Reads that this was what I spent the reading part of my weekend on.

    1. The ebook has got you in the end. However it does mean you can read some great exclusives. Always curious about what men think about these mainly female orientated fiction that seem to be everywhere…… As for the typing on a tablet, it can become rather troublesome, especially when tired.

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