The Mammy – Brendan O’Carroll

I come to this book purely and simply based on watching Mrs Brown’s Boys. A programme I got into by sheer accident.  I knew the book was not going to be the actual series in word and paragraphs format it was going to be the inspiration for that series.

Who is Mammy? She is Agnes Browne who is recently widowed in trying to bring up her children all seven of them. Mark, Francis, Simon and Dermot, Rory, Trevor and Cathy. In fact she is keen for the Social Welfare to make sure that she is entitled to all that she can get even if her husband had only died in the morning of the initial claim!

The humour of family life is apparent in this novel and you share the life of trying to survive, making sure the children are clothed, fed, educated and safe. Then there is her friendship with Marion, the possibility of a new romance with a Frenchman who has some rather French ideas of kissing and the driving lessons.  All done with and a heartfelt honesty that you probably don’t find in some other tales of families.

An excellent gift for someone who likes watching Mrs Brown’s Boys or a good honest tale about a not so honest Irish family!