Sugar Cookie Murder – Joanne Fluke

I am going to class this book as a short story as the novel is really only the first half of the book. The rest is made up of all the recipes that feature in the Christmas Pot Luck dinner which is taking place in Lake Eden and the recipes of which, Hannah Swensen are getting published in to a cook book. (Can you see what the author has done here? – Yes me too!)

If you know Hannah, then you will know this will not be any ordinary Pot Luck dinner.With all her friends, family and fellow Lake Eden residents gathered with all their dishes, to sample there are bound to be some tensions. No more so when resident Martin brings his new wife who married in Las Vegas after only a few hours. Brandi is a stereotype Vegas dancer (code for stripper) and it looks like they are rubbing his ex wife and mother in law noses in it. It is with some expectation that one of these four ends up dead.

With everyone trapped in the community centre due to the blizzard outside the murderer cannot have got far. They must still be inside enjoying the food and the party atmosphere. Therefore it is down to Hannah with help from her heavily pregnant sister Andrea and one of her love interests Norman to come up with the answer that other love interest Mike seems to be slow in coming up with.

Not one of the best Hannah Swensen mysteries, but it made for a very pleasant diversion and it builds more on the who will Hannah choose scenario – Norman or Mike. I prefer Norman, Mike seems to arrogant, but I am starting to hope it is all resolved soon. In the meantime, if you wanted you could cook some of the delicious recipes!

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