Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden – M.C.Beaton

Agatha is beside the seaside but I don’t think she likes it! Murder follows her around as any fans of her will know. Hiding until her hair has grown back after her escapades in the last book and licking her wounds of love as James Lacey continues to ignore her and Sir Charles just uses her. Agatha thinks that by coming to Wyckenhadden she will escape such complications.

However, needing to escape from the hotel as she suddenly feels very old amongst the permanent residents who seem to have decided to see out their days eating huge meals and playing scrabble. She heads to a pub meets a man and thinks perhaps being his wife might be a better idea. To aid matters she goes to the local witch and not only buys a potion to speed up hair regrowth but a love potion. Trouble is the witch ends up dead, and I can bet you can guess who found the body.

Agatha becomes embroiled yet again in a murder case and she blunders about in her own way trying to find the real truth about the residences of the hotel, whilst trying to make up her mind about whether the love potion is working or not. Then there is trying to keep her name out of the papers and her reputation in tact.

Agatha is a rather sad figure in this novel. I did for a little while start to feel sorry for her she may seem hard faced and arrogant but actually she ultimately wants to be loved. It is the one thing that she has never been able to put any public relations spin on and get results. She seems to be going the wrong way about it and once back ensconced in Carsley it seems that love is ultimately going to avoid her again.

Although as you come to expect with these delightful novels, there is a murder (or two) this one was very much showing us more of Agatha’s character and how perhaps we should like her a bit more and perhaps not laugh at her. It won’t last long I am sure as you move onto the next book in the series.