A Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard – Minette Walters

This short story, is based on the truth . There was a Caroline Luard. She was murdered. Her killer was never convicted.

What Minette Walters does in this Quick Reads novel is to take some of the characters and fictionalise what may or may not have happened. She gives a voice to the main suspect, Caroline’s husband Charles Luard and his respected position in society. This reflects the divisions between the classes and how the lower classes felt regarding matters being covered up by those with some sort of power.

Using the methods of the police of the time and the developing skills which are now used to catch and convict criminals, Walters takes us the reader through this mysterious death. Giving us clues, evidence and supposition and leads us to who we may think have killed Caroline Luard in mysterious circumstances.

A great novel to introduce a non or reluctant reader to the wonderful world of crime writing and in this case, historical crime writing. From here there is so much you can choose to discover if this novel captures you.

Thank you to Quick Reads for sending me this book for review. I have never read anything by Minette Walters before, and certainly did not know anything about Caroline Luard. The case fascinated me and like many things on the internet when I went and looked up the Wikipedia entry that the author refers to at the end of the book, I found myself then looking at many unsolved murders of the United Kingdom. A bit macabre I suppose, but I was more thinking that in 100 years time when I am no longer here, will be books be written on some of these murders of my time?

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