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The Little Mermaid

A few weeks back I posted about going to see some of the knitted items my mum and I had donated to a community project. I spotted a knitted mermaid which I knew I had (actually my mum had) the pattern for. I wanted to knit one for myself.

So with some scraps of wool, some needles and the pattern off I went from this

photo (1)Knitted up from tails to top of head but not stuffed yet.

photo (6)Stuffed. With temporary pins for eyes. Scissor and TV remote only there because I forgot to move them when taking the picture. Although by accident it gives you a size guide.

photo (5)Arms added and top.

photo (4)Hair and first two plaits added. You can still see the ends of where I have not sewn them in yet. Cup of tea obviously essential!

photo (3)All hair plats complete and mouth and proper eyes sewn on. As of yet no nose.

photo (2)And finished with tiara for a head-piece.  (Although still no nose – have to use a red pencil for this.)

I am really pleased with the finish as with all knitted items – half the battle is the finishing and making up. I now have a desire to knit some other people, and Jean Greenhowe has a vast collection to choose from. It is so difficult to choose especially when I have many other projects on the go; bookmarkers, cross stitching, knitted blanket, knitted wreath……