92 Pacific Boulevard – Debbie Macomber

My journey around the places and with the residents of Cedar Cove is coming to an end but whilst I can still enjoy the characters and their stories I will continue to demolish them.

This time round we are concentrating on the Sheriff Troy Davies, the only real mystery he has to solve is not work related (although there is an interesting professional case he is working on) is why him and his first love, Faith Beckwith have not got over their issues and decided to make a go of it as a couple. It is very apparent that there is a deep burning love for each other there. But when Faith’s house is vandalised and more than once, it is the Sheriff that she wants to turn to but she is holding back.

Mary Jo Wyse was featured in a short Cedar Cove novel based around Christmas and she has more of a part in this story as she makes the move to Cedar Cove with her baby daughter, Noelle. But Noelle’s father, David Rhodes who did not want anything to do with them suddenly makes a reappearance which upsets Mary Jo and also David’s father Ben Rhodes who is struggling to come to terms with having a son like he does and trying to do the right thing. It is worrying his wife Charlotte, who is worrying about her daughter Olivia who is going through treatment for cancer. And that is worrying Grace, Olivia’s friend and she gets together some other friends to do something to make Olivia feel better and one of those friends is Corrie McAfee, whose son, Mack is worried about Mary Jo as she is his new neighbour and also he is starting to fall in love with this rather forthright and straightforward woman.

Then we have Rachel who is struggling to deal with her new stepdaughter and all of a sudden something happens which is going to change everything. Rachel’s former colleague, Teri is about to give birth to triplets and her world chess playing husband, Bobby is panicking which is what he does best. Bobby’s driver James is also struggling to deal with his feelings for Teri’s sister, Christie who really does not want to get hurt for another time.

And like all things and people in Cedar Cove, everyone is connected and related, friends and enemies together and apart and each book introduces more people to get to know. But whilst you may think that with that many people you will become confused, you won’t. Macomber’s writing is such that she hits the spot correctly; there is enough to keep you interested if you pick up one of these books through the series, although for a much fuller reading experience it is best to start from the beginning. On we move to the next place in town…1022 Evergreen Place.