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An A to Z of me at the moment

I am honouring the stealing of this idea by thanking the lovely Jane who blogs over at Fleur Fisher who does this A to Z posts of many things she wants to share and it occurred to me it might be a good idea for me to do one, simply because I have much to say and share but I felt that although I have been posting book reviews, perhaps I have lacked something personal in this blog for a few weeks. So please excuse me whilst I indulge

A is for Kate Atkinson her new novel Life after Life is out on 14th March and you must go and read it.

B is for Belinda Bauer. I have just finished Rubbernecker her latest novel and it is great. Do pop back and read the review if you can.

C is for Courgettes. I was not a fan until I started losing weight. However they seem to attack me. Whenever I pick one up, whether it be from the box in the supermarket, the trolley to the checkout, my bag to the fridge, I am forever stabbing them with one or other of my fingernails and they turn green! I do this with no other vegetable. It is something which will be unexplainable.

D is for Dieting. See E below.

E is for Eating, I seem to have been putting the weight on and not losing it. I have identified some stuff that has not been helping me and for the last two weeks successfully negotiated Tesco without going down, the chocolate aisle, the biscuit aisle or the Easter Egg aisle. It is all rather exhausting.

F is for Friends and Family. Without them I would be completely lost.

G is for Gold by Chris Cleave. My Book Club choice for March.

H is for Holiday. I have some leave booked in April, and thanks to a wonderful offer at the Spa I go to I am off for three nights and taking my friend with me who has never been anywhere like that. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

I is for Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir. A book review from the archives.

J is for Jeeves and Wooster. Sebastian Faulks is to revive P.G. Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster. Find out more here. Jeeves and the Wedding Bells is due to be published in November. I will be reading it I know. I read Sebastian’s James Bond novel Devil May Care and was impressed so it may work. No doubt there are many who have already scorned it before it has been published.

K is for Knitting. My friend and neighbour has an 11 year old girl who wants to know how to knit. Her mum is not an expert, but she has called on me to assist. I now have regular visits from her with needles and wool in hand, sometimes rather tangled and we have progressed from a square, to a scarf which I thought would keep her going for a while (she was back the next day) to another square I think? It has all become a blur. However, it is a lovely experience to be able to show someone how to knit (and stitch) and know the skill will hopefully be passed on.

L is for Lie Ins. Even if it is only to 7am. When you get up at 5.15 am then 7 is a lie in!

M is for Mermaid. I saw a knitted mermaid. I knew I had the pattern (well mum did). I wanted to knit mermaid. Mermaid completed.

N is for New Books. ARC books have been arriving through my door lately. A real mix and I will get to as many as I can.

O is for “Oh for goodness sake”. This is the phrase that I use at work when I get asked a rather daft question. Many I would like to share, but would take too long in the explanation. However I feel this one is rather obvious from an email I received.

Hi Jo,

Could you tell me whether there will be food provided at the Valentine’s Dinner on Friday night?

All together now “Oh for goodness sake”.

P is for Portsmouth BookFest. I went last year for the first time, to a couple of events. This year I have volunteered. The idea being to get the readers to participate with the library staff so they make a bigger and better festival than last year. Plenty of authors are being approached. We all have our ideas. I have put forward for Katie Fforde, Trisha Ashley, Judith Kinghorn, Philippa Gregory. Other names in the pot are Jodi Picoult, Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes, Sophie Hannah (think she might be a definite) and Neil Gaiman to name a few. It is really quite interesting to see how it will all develop, and once there are some more definites I will be posting more I am sure. Lots of authors were asked for from feedback from last years festival, sadly many of them are no longer with us…….

Q is for Queen. Well actually the stand in Queen. Helen Mirren who is currently starring in The Audience which is getting rather good reviews. It is something that I would like to see, as the subject matters is somewhat fascinating. There is to be a National Theatre Live performance of this. The performance broadcast into selected cinemas on the 13th June. One of those cinemas is near me. I have booked tickets and really looking forward to it.

R is for Reading Blogs. I have not been commenting much of late on many blogs, that said I am reading them. Time seems to be running away with me at the moment.

S is for Scott and Bailey. Cath Staincliffe’s new Scott and Bailey novel Bleed like Me is out mid March and I have it to read, and I cannot wait!

T is for TUPE transfer. The company I work for has lost the contract to provide certain services, the new company has won the contract. Worrying times as the new company have a different approach in providing certain services.

U is for On the Up. This was a Sitcom in the nineties on the BBC. I watch the DVDs quite a lot and know what is going to happen or be said. It is not one of the best sitcom’s out there but I like it. It cheers me up no end. I have watched it all again just recently.

V is for Valuation. The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Portsmouth. I have my late nan’s coronation mugs that I want to take.

W is for Winter. The cold is still here and in some places dare I say there could be more snow.

X is for X Stitch (a bit of a cheat I know!) It is ages since I have done any, and I really need to finish the picture I started ages and ages ago.

Y is for Yet more craft projects on the go. Finishing the mermaid I now want to knit something else but I really I should finish some of the things I already have on the go!

Z is for Zzzzzz Sleep I seem to need so much at the moment. I think perhaps I should hibernate.