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Knitted into History

Back last year, my mum and I embarked on some knitting for a local project. The idea was to create a seaside ‘yarnscape’ for their family area in the Royal Naval Museum. Well we got an invite last week to invite us along to the ‘unveiling’ of the project. So we had to go and try and spot our pieces of work!

It turned out more difficult that we thought – there was a lot of people, both men and women trying to get a look at this wonderful idea which has developed from a few scraps of wool. It was lovely to hear people say, they had got friends and work colleagues into knitting just so they were part of something much bigger. So it was literally in at the deep end, and get in and see what they had done with all this knitting.

This is what you need to be looking out for:

fish knitted

There was one wall, where they had made a collage of a lot of the common landmarks in Portsmouth, although all together for effect I must say.

Portsmouth Knitted Left

You can see one of the piers (South Parade), the War Memorial, the fairground at Clarence Pier (Yellow building) the edge of the Spinnaker Tower. To the far left is reference to the Royal Marines Museum. The Cathedral is in the foreground, as is a dinosaur which was sadly destroyed in a fire. There is also a tank representing the D Day Museum and the bandstand too.

Portsmouth RightHere we have much more of “under the sea” but also at the top – HMS Victory. Mum and I think, some of her seaweed is amongst this.

There were all sorts of colours and textures, patterns and weaves for the fishes and associated creatures – they put them all together in colour block as you can see:

2013-02-09 11.30.41

At the very top above the orange and yellow fish is the frog my mum knitted!

This is a bit closer to the corner of the picture above, where there is the odd mermaid!

2013-02-09 11.25.16

I have the pattern for this mermaid and now I have seen it – I so want to knit it!

2013-02-09 11.23.34Now I am hoping you might be able to spot someone familiar in this picture 2013-02-09 11.21.04

If not here is a closer view:

2013-02-09 11.22.17So now our knitting has a place in history – and thank you for indulging me and looking at the pictures!

2013-02-09 11.17.27Find out more about the project here.

Please excuse the quality of photographs – they were all taken on my mobile phone. (To be honest, I think they are quite good!)