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Do you fancy a game of Bingo?

I have not been taken over by one of those sites where you get £20 free for your first time, though no doubt you have to spend something to get it. You can play this bingo anywhere, in bed, waiting for a bus, at work, at home – anywhere. It will only cost you books!  Yes this bingo is of the reading kind. I spotted this on Twitter a couple of weeks back and it comes from Random House Canada and I wanted to share as I thought it would be a great fun thing to do in the year and also thought it would be a good idea for my book club.

It is simple really, print off the card from this link here and as you go through the year mark off what you do.  Obviously this is geared to a Canadian audience, but actually translates quite well. It will be a challenge to find a Canadian Author, High School is obviously secondary school in the UK and I don’t have a Barista but perhaps I could spot someone reading a book in a coffee shop and give that a go?

I am going to add this to my Challenges for the year and I have passed it on to my book group too!


9 thoughts on “Do you fancy a game of Bingo?

  1. I like this game and will enjoy filling in the squares. I think I will print out copies and hand out to my book loving friends.

  2. I’ve printed this off but there are several I know I won’t be crossing off! I do go to coffee shops but I can’t imagine any of the barista’s would recommend a book! they’re all to busy to chat. And as I’m retired …

  3. What a fun idea! I reckon I could definitely find a Canadian author on my shelves – well, lots of unread Leacock there – and, even better, I went to a high school! Some counties in England have first/middle/high systems instead of primary/secondary, so I’m sort there 😉

  4. This looks like fun! Think I’ll have to give it a go, though might have to break some personal rules… I generally avoid reading books ‘just because everyone else is reading it’. Although I can already tick off (retrospectively?) I read Molly Ringwald’s ‘When It Happens To You’ in January. Does that count?

    1. Definitely retrospectively! You don’t have to complete the whole square. One line or fours corners would be a good place to aim for.

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