Jottings #10 Brides, Bodies, Blood, Blogging & Back to work

Well there is so much to say and so little time to say it. Bit like the amount of books to read and little time to do so. But as this week has gone on, I have found myself thinking to myself ‘oh I should blog about that’ and then the day has finished and I am in bed with my eyelids closing fast! So here is the first Jottings post of 2013, and please indulge me as I share all the ‘B’s!


No not me. But Tom Fletcher (of McFly) has got married and he put his wedding speech up on YouTube for others to be inspired by.  It has had over 5 million views (as I type this post) and I have to confess it is a fifteen minutes well worth spent and it makes a wee tear form in your eye.


Now at the start of the year there is always a lot new programmes on the television and it seems this week, the television has had bodies spilling out of it. Monday night saw the return of Lewis. Tuesday it was Death in Paradise. Wednesday was Midsomer Murders. Thursday and Friday was Silent Witness. I wonder if this is a reflection on the state of the nation? Anyway for me it is better than celebrity driven reality rubbish.


Without going into too much detail, I have had to have some blood taken. And although it was not in a Tony Hancock style armful, it is a rather amusing wait in the waiting room whilst waiting for your number to be called. I had to be there first thing as it was a fasting blood test but so were many many other people, who quite frankly did not need to be there so early. My inner voice tells me so when you stop and listen to them. So you take your number, I was 9 and sit down. Now I love people watching, as I surreptitiously play on my phone. There was the man who was there and had his wife nagging at him constantly and telling him exactly what was going to happen when his number was called, where he had to go and how he had to sit. I am sure she would have told the nurse how to take the blood if she had had the chance. The lady who insisted on telling everyone who came in they must take a ticket, which was a public service as I have to confess that it is not really that obvious if you have not been before. However she was quite ferocious about it. To the man who complained rather loudly that the service was not very good in fact slow. Ironic really because they are not meant to start until 8am and it was about ten minutes too. What was not very good about that I was not sure? What I do love though, is when your number is called is the looks you get when you go through – thoughts that must be going through some people’s mind – Why is she here now, can she not come at another time? Why is she before me? I am more important than her? Well in answer if I was brave enough; mind your own business, I got here before you and everyone is as important as each other!

The human condition is alive and well and everywhere if you can spend a few minutes watching it. It’s fascinating.


If you are a regular visitor to this blog then you may have noticed the odd change or two on there. I have a few more tweaks to be made, mainly in updating my links and such but I am overall please with the look of it and how easy I can find things. I hope you like it too.

If you are a new follower, welcome it is nice to meet you.

Back to Work

Yep! It was back to work on Monday and it took me to about Wednesday afternoon to come back down to earth! It was busy, new staff, old staff, changes both good and bad. What I could not get my head round for some bizarre reason was that it was a 5 day week. Normally when I go back after New Year, it is on a Tuesday and therefore only a 4 day week. However, because of the way Christmas and New Year fell and the term is structured it meant we went back on a Monday it was the 7th January and I felt that I somehow was late for everything. But routine has been restored and I think when I left on Friday lunchtime, I was pretty much on track as to where I should be for the time of the month. That’s the trouble with accounts!


9 thoughts on “Jottings #10 Brides, Bodies, Blood, Blogging & Back to work

  1. Jo, when you speculate whether the number of murder-mystery type dramas on British TV this week “is a reflection on the state of the nation”, do you mean that we all want do away with our neighbours? Or simply that it reflects a long-running national gloominess, briefly lifted by the Jubilee and Olympics, but now reinforced by returning to work (or looking for work) in a dark and increasingly wintery January? The irony is we often turn to murder mysteries for comfort reading or viewing. Surrounded by fear and uncertainty, many people are reassured by stories that have a neat conclusion. Add in the welcome familiarity of characters like Lewis, who have been on our screens for decades, and it is easy to see why this particular pattern has emerged in the schedules.

    I watched Lewis and Silent Witness, but did not bother with the other series you mention. I decided to stop wasting two hours of my life watching Midsomer, though why I waste the same amount of time on Silent Witness is a mystery in itself. The year has got off to slow start for me reading wise, not least because I’m watching too much TV!

    1. David – it probably depends on your neighbours! Alas real life does not end up with the nice neat ending, which is probably why we enjoy them so much. Good overcomes evil. Justice is done. The news does not certainly reflect that.

      I think Silent Witness is trying to be more csi to appeal to new viewers. It may have bitten off more than it could chew? But I will continue to watch it!

      1. Just to be clear, I have lovely neighbours who have nothing to fear!

  2. I hope the blood test wasn’t for anything too bad. I really feel for you as I had quite a bit of blood taken over the months last year (it certainly felt like a Hanock’s armful!).

  3. Hospital waiting rooms are fascinating – if you can forget why you’re there. As for having blood taken, I’m not good – they always seem to find it difficult getting mine out, which is not pleasant. I don’t think it’s me, though, as last year one nurse did it with ease and I hardly felt a thing! I hope your result is good!

  4. I really like the new look of your blog, it is simple and fresh looking. 🙂
    I must admit I was very eager to tune in for the new series of Lewis. I’ve been told it might the last series though 😦

  5. Hi Jo,

    My niece is gutted that a second member of McFly has gone and done the deed! She is an avid fan and travels to as many of the gigs as her purse strings will allow. Not bad for a band which hubbie bet her would be a five minute wonder and wouldn’t be around after 2 or 3 years!! Well, that bet paid for another ticket!!

    I absolutely hate blood of any kind and generally have to lie down for a blood test, or I faint. The whole hospital/doctor scenario is the most stressful thing on the planet for me .. I would rather have a visit to the dentist any day!!

    I really don’t get to watch many of the detective series any more, since hubbie has (not through choice) become stay at home. When he spent days and weeks at a time working away, watching all the different shows was my one guilty secret in the evenings, but these days I never even so much as see the remote, let alone get to touch it!!

    Oh Well! There is always blogging, talking of which, I love your new look!


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