At the beginning of the new year, it is custom for us all to navel gaze and think about what we have done and what we want to do. I do actually try and do this more than just around the change of year, as I think it is important. But in the interest of being consistent and rounding up what I achieved reading wise in 2012, I thought I better look at my 2012 challenges.

So how did I do?

Well my main aim was to read 50 books in a year, and that final figure was 110 – I think as I have achieved well over 50 for the last three years, I need to reset this number for 2013. So let me go for the 100. I have signed up with this on Goodreads and you can see the progress on this blog on the right hand side.  Reviewing every book I read as well carries on apace and will do so in 2013.

Not buying any books, well as I type this I have failed already so it is not even going to make a place on the 2013 challenge.

Out of my Read 1 of section of my challenge I started the year with 5 choices, and added a further one during the year. So out of the 6, I managed 3. Tick to Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen and Jospehine Tey. So for the 3 I did not complete I move them into 2013 and I am not going to add any more at the moment, if I do I will annotate when I add them in the year.

As for the unfinished books, they remain unfinished, they remain untouched (other than dusting) for 2012. I think it is time to take it on the chin and leave these books to another time. I have no unfinished books at all so, this challenge is not appearing in 2013, but then there is 2014 I suppose.

The series challenge was a bit more successful. I managed 3 of the Agatha Raisin books and 2 of both Daisy Dalrymple series and the Cedar Cover series. So moving forward to 2013 and I take all of them with me. I have plenty of Agatha Raisin on my shelf to read. Have just ordered the rest of Daisy Dalrymple thanks to a fantastic offer on The Book People and picked up the next one I need to read for the Cedar Cover series, so I have no excuses and in fact I am good to go with this challenge.  

As you may have noticed, these are all challenges I have set myself and not taken from organised ones which you can find on many book blogs. I did concede during the year and signed up for the Crime Fiction Alphabet, and was going okay with it, but then life got in the way and it was just taking a back seat, and I had to admit defeat which I was disappointed about, it may have been the weekly post that threw me as all I seemed to be reading was crime fiction and I needed a break from it. I aim to just stick to what I want to do and crime always can feature and that comes in the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie.

I have a page dedicated to reading all these books and there is no set time, it is just a whim but I want to read at least 3 this year, so I have added it to my 2013 challenge list.

There are very few rereads on this blog, they are mainly children’s books which I revisit but I have decided that I want to revisit a favourite of mine – P.G. Wodehouse and obviously Jeeves and Wooster, but as the Blandings set of books are being televised and I read one last year, I aim to read some of them too! So another one to add to my challenge page. And to keep with a theme I will make it 3!

I noticed that I read no autobiographies last year despite receiving some as gifts and having others on my shelf, so I aim to read 3 (were you surprised?) in 2013.

Now this is a very fluid list, and I am sure ideas will pop up during the year as well as suggestions. If it was not for Verity I would have not read any Elizabeth Taylor last year when she challenged me to read one her novels. Do feel free to suggest something and I would certainly give it some thought.

Let us get on with reading 2013.


3 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. I got 2 sets of Daisy Dalrymple books from The Book People too. (Along with a few other sets of books.) I love them to bits. Good luck with all your reading plans!

  2. It has been a year since I read an Agatha Raisin book, I would really like to make time to read more this year. Good luck with your personal challenges, they all sound interesting.

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