December Roundup

Looking back at the posts I did last year around this time, I was checking to see whether I had actually done a December Roundup post or whether it had got lost in the mists of Books of the Year. It did not and I have yet as you read this got round to posting about the books of the year for me. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, the post though is scheduled to appear!

So what of December’s reading. Well I had hit book 100 of the year at the end of December so challenge completed in that sense, I used December as my indulging month, mainly because work was flat out right up to the 21st December when I finished and my brain could not and would not cope with great tomes

Christmas themed reading started in November and it continued apace and you cannot go wrong really with a Debbie Macomber and A Merry Little Christmas and it also meant I read the last Cedar Cove book as well. Katie Fforde was a new discovery for me in 2012 and so I topped up with her little short story for this year Staying Away at Christmas. I really want to read some more Katie Fforde in the coming months. Christmas was the theme of my book club’s choice in December; M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin Kissing Christmas Goodbye. Not quite Christmas but certainly cosy crime and something that the month was rather dominated with.

Upon finishing work, I needed a quick fix read and so I turned to M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham and was now back to reading them in order. It is always hard to put it down when finished, as I just want to read the next and when they only take an afternoon, evening and morning to read it is even harder! I turned to some other cosy crime reading with Carola Dunn – Damsel in Distress and was reintroduced to Daisy Dalrymple. I have another few on my shelf, but I am so tempted by the offer on The Book People, the next 12 books for only £10. I can find room for them, that is not an issue but should I buy them? Probably a daft question to fellow book lovers!

Cosy crime sated for the month, I did not really go for anything graphic or violent but rather more mysterious with Louise Douglas – In Her Shadow. This was an author I was introduced to through reviewing and not an author I would have previously picked up. Her latest novel, although I was a bit late in reviewing it was great and I heartily do recommend this author and will look out for previous novels.

Another author I have read before was Ali McNamra – Breakfast at Darcy’s. I was taken with the fact that the name is the same as mine (surname) and therefore I felt I would like this book. Sadly I didn’t and upon reflection of this and the first of her novels I read, I was disappointed and feel sad in saying that I will not read any more of hers in the immediate future at least.

But December, was a discovery of a new author Kathleen Tessaro – The Debutante. One of my friends had their eye on this book, a couple of times they had been round and wanted to read it, so I thought I better get round to reading it so I could pass it on. Oh how wonderful it was, it had something of the Downton Abbey and Mitford Sister’s about it and I has the potential for a sequel.

And as the month ends I finish with two rather differing books. I meet Heloise Goodley – An Officer and a Gentlewoman* the telling of a rather brutally honest tale of changing career path in your late twenties and go from being a ‘big thing’ in the city to face down in mud all in the name of Queen and country. A choice that this author made, and a book that makes me feel very humble about paper pushing job for the military.

Familiar author Maureen Lee‘s new novel After the War is Over* is now out and I picked this one up to read, as I have read all her novels and it just seems right to keep on reading them as long as she keeps on writing them. They were books, that I read when I was transitioning from young adult books, to adult books in my late teens and escaping all that teenage angst!

Not a bad month, and not a bad year all in all reading wise. I will be reflecting on that in coming posts.

* Book review yet to appear on this blog.

2 thoughts on “December Roundup

  1. It sounds like December has been a good month for you with lots of nice, cosy reads. And congratulations on reading so many books this year! I was aiming for 100 too but I’ve only managed 98.

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