Damsel in Distress – Carola Dunn

It seems everything is going okay for the honourable Daisy Dalrymple and her beau Alec Fletcher, a police inspector at Scotland Yard. A rather interesting partnership and one which both their mothers frown upon as treason to their own class.It does not matter to them, but it does not stop Phillip one of Daisy’s chums still trying to propose all the time. But Phillip’s eyes are turned when he meets a young American girl, Gloria. But the course of true love does not run smooth, and because Gloria also happens to be the daughter of a millionaire, there are other people not just Phillip who want her to.

The Damsel, Gloria is now in Distress, she has been kidnapped. Along for the ride unintentionally is Phillip, who happens to then be abandoned rather conveniently at an estate where relations of Daisy live. Step forward Daisy who has a history of helping solve the odd crime or too although before that she does get into a bit of a pickle herself. This has to all be done without the police being involved but how can you do that when Daisy’s beau happens to be the police.  Step forward Alec and you know all will be well. Perhaps Alec will even impress Daisy’s mother, well we can hope as readers.

Another jolly adventure for Daisy, a few scrapes along the way but the denouement is predictable but I did not see it coming  but it is reassuring nonetheless that all will be right and the boy inevitably gets the girl!

A country house murder, with a touch of the Jeeves and Wooster about it with this story and a good example of one of the many of Daisy Dalrymple stories by this author.

You may or may not have noticed but I have been reading some rather easy, comfortable cosy books this December and this one is no exception, and it is a bonus it in fact counts towards one of my own personal set challenges for 2012. Plenty more of these books to read, and they do take slightly longer to devour than an Agatha Raisin, so they will keep me going well in 2013 and beyond no doubt! 

The trouble being when I get into reading these I have a overwhleming desire to head back to Wooster and relive some Jeeves. I have had a thought…..