A Merry Little Christmas – Debbie Macomber

Christmas probably would not be Christmas without a Christmas themed book from Debbie Macomber. And this year we are given a gift with A Merry Little Christmas. In it are two stories, 1225 Christmas Tree Lane and 5-B Poppy Lane, both set in the Cedar Cove area.

The first 1225 Christmas Tree Lane is the longer of the two stories, taking up just over 250 pages and is in fact the last story of the Cedar Cove Series. We meet Beth who took over the Christmas Tree Farm when she started a new life away from her ex husband. With it has come a basket of abandoned puppies, and before Beth can even begin to think of going away after Christmas she needs to find homes for all these adorable creatures. As well as deal with a family Christmas with her two daughters who decide to invite their dad to join them on Christmas Day. They have a perfect Christmas in mind, but will their wish come true or will there be a few problems to overcome? Beth’s patience is tested with the arrival of her ex husband as well as trying to find homes for all the puppies. As she does we are reminded of all the wonderful characters in Cedar Cove which you meet in the previous 11 books. It is a nice ending to a series and I say that whilst still needing to read books 9,10 and 1. It did give a few spoilers but to be honest, the books are so light that for me it did not matter.

5-B Poppy Lane is a short story, and is a little less Christmas themed, as although it starts and ends at Christmas, it is a flashback of how Ruth meets Paul and the test of long distant relationships as well as the harder test of a relationship with someone in the military. Especially when you are opposed to such military presence in countries as Ruth is. For me a poignant story for the time of year and reminds everyone that there are thousands of men and women out fighting for their country and have left loved ones behind. A lovely romance and very much of the ‘time’.

Light Christmas reads and exactly what you expect from Debbie Macomber. You cannot go wrong.

Thank you to Amazon Vine for allowing me the opportunity to read this book.

I have read quite a few of Debbie Macomber ‘s Christmas books, and it can be a bit confusing as they invariably have two stories in them but looking back at past catalogues they can be reissues of stories. I have a few Blossom Street series on my shelves to read, which I will get to but I am tempted by some of the other reissues that I have spotted in the bookshop. But they have been renamed and I am not sure exactly what books I am getting, I need to do a bit more research before deciding.

That said I need to finish the Cedar Cove series which I aimed to read at least a few more this year than I have actually done. Oh well there is always 2013.