Santa Maybe – Scarlett Bailey

If there ever was a magical book to get you in the mood for Christmas this could be it. A short story that takes you right away into a dream – a dream of a story. In fact Amy is in a dream. She is going to be given a Christmas Wish but only one from Santa Claus. But will he be able to fulfill what she requires and uphold his reputation especially when Amy starts to actually think that her Christmas Wish is actually the man trying to make it come true? 

As we go through with Amy to all the places she visits, to go back and see how fun can be had, to see what really happened on a particular night when you only thought there was one outcome and how life could perhaps turn out, it makes you realise that perhaps everything is meant to happen for a reason.

When the ultimate choice is given to her, Amy has a test of faith and if she can give up her family and never see them again she could live happily ever after. It was at this bit I shed a tear or two, the obvious closeness of her to her mother made me realise how lucky I am with my own mum and I know I could never give up seeing her or being in contact. Amy has to find a loophole and she can if she stands up for what she believes in. Then perhaps all her wishes will come true, not just the one that Santa has to fulfill her.

A little Christmas love story, which has relevant markers and references you will recognise from the here and now; Gok Wan, Derren Brown and an Xbox to name a few. Then there are the old classics; Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe and even Powell and Pressburger and if you have ever seen the wonderful film A Matter of Life of and Death you will perhaps see where this author is coming from with this little story.

I really enjoyed this book and will certainly be reading from this author again.

I have had a spurt of little short Christmas Stories, mainly because I had been a bit under the weather and my attention span was rather short when it came to reading. I was trying to avoid reading anything Christmas until after my birthday, but I gave in a couple of days early! Scarlett Bailey is a new discovery for me and I like her writing so will be going back and buying her full length novels for sure!