Fudge Cupcake Murder – Joanne Fluke

We are onto cupcakes, fudge ones to be precise and for part of a Lake Eden cookbook, Hannah Swensen is collating recipes to put in there. She just cannot get the fudge ones right. The lady with the recipe never passed on her secret ingredient and so Hannah through trial and error and help from her business partner is trying to find what the secret ingredient is.

Not a problem if you can concentrate on the job in hand, but with Hannah this is never easy and when a body turns up in a dumpster, Hannah has to readdress her priorities. Especially when the dead body happens to be Sherriff Grant and he was the other candidate in the local Sherriff election alongside Hannah’s brother in law, Bill. But Bill does not have an alibi and is the first under suspicion.

Hannah is now in a battle of wits as she tries to understand why, Mike the current acting sheriff and on and off boyfriend is being so unfriendly and unhelpful. Balancing her feelings for Mike, Hannah is trying to make sure her heavily pregnant sister, Andrea gets the complete rest she is advised to get by the doctor whilst trying to clear Bill’s name. Then there is Bill who is trying to be so helpful suddenly being at home all the time and causing unknown tensions. Add to this Hannah’s cat Moshie who has decided that his diet is not to his suiting no matter what the vet and any diet sheet may say about feeding senior cats and then there is Delores, Hannah’s mother suddenly becoming secretive about a friend.

It has all the ingredients for a Hannah Swensen cosy crime mystery and goes a long at a fair pace. I spotted the odd clue here and there relevant to the current case, but also you can see where characters are going to perhaps go in future books. The criminal is caught and life perhaps should return to normal now for the residents of Lake Eden , especially when the secret ingredient is found. Two mysteries solved!  

My only disappointment is that now I am on book five, I would have thought Hannah would have made her mind up about whether it is going to be Mike or Norman she chooses, it is becoming a minor irritation but not so much that I won’t pick up book 6…

Thank you for your patience readers in reading these reviews of this series of books. They are formulaic and simple and I suppose repetitive in some ways, but to keep to my personal challenge of reviewing every book I am trying to make each one different as I read them. 

I have one more on my kindle at the moment to read and then I will have to see when I get to book 7.