Book Club #6 – The Last Ten Seconds – Simon Kernick

Due to holidays and some rather unexpected sickness, we were a smaller group which convened for the sixth meeting!

The book I am happy to say was a huge success for the five of us that were there! Everyone gave it a smiley face. For those who don’t know, I hand out three little cards with a smiley face, sad face and quizzical face. That way everyone can show which card they feel sums up the book most for them.

For L it was right up her street, she read it in five hours and was surprisingly pleased with it. She is a thriller kind of reader but much prefers the American books, they seem to be more action packed for her.  S agreed definitely a book for her and she liked its pace and had to keep reading.

L found it different from her normal reads. This was not a book of choice, but one her husband would read. It was certainly graphic in parts but is glad she has read something out of her comfort zone.

For W it was a good read, gruesome and also how always good triumphs over evil despite the sometimes rather unorthodox methods to get there.

This book choice was the first I had where I did not have any questions prepared and I admit it showed. It really ended up being just a discussion, and without questions to point us in different directions it did stall. Plus I wonder whether with a thriller book, there is much to discuss? I am now off seeking a standard set of questions for future books – it makes such a difference!

Coupled with a poorly attendee who had to leave early, we brought proceedings to a close very early on in the evening. So maybe not a great success, and probably as you can see from my rather less than flowing prose on the night I have stalled with something to talk/write about!

Our next book is going to be the complete opposite – M.C. Beaton – Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye. A bit of Christmas fun to go with our little party we are having in a few weeks time. The only way to describe to the other is ‘Enid Blyton for adults’! W was horrified at such a thing, but said to me afterwards as she has already read some of Beaton’s before and is halfway through this one, it is a bit like Enid Blyton for adults! Now she is worried what people will think of the choice and what it says about me. (W also happens to be my mum!)