October Roundup

I said it was going to be a different reading month and it certainly was! I think my kindle has played a greater part this month than in previous months. Especially when I finished a book in the middle of the night and then went straight on and read the next without getting out from under the covers!

This was what happened with the two Joanne Fluke books I read; Blueberry Muffin Murder and Lemon Meringue Pie Murder. I could have carried on as well and probably would have done to the next book, if I had finished one again in the middle of the night!

They were my only direct crime books this month – the cosy variety. However, you could say the House Rules by Jodi Picoult could have been considered a crime book which was the first book to be finished in October and has a murder story line in it, although that is not actually the main theme of the book. It was my book club’s choice and made for interesting discussion. Ironically enough I have finished the month with another book which is most definitely crime and also my book for the next book club meeting, Simon Kernick – The Last Ten Seconds*, a book that gets the pulse racing and probably not good for going to bed with, when the adrenalin is running.

Still with the mystery element I picked up the latest Marian Keyes – The Mystery of Mercy Close although this really is not a mystery in the sense of crime. It is perhaps the mystery of the mind and is written definitely from the heart of Keyes and you can see she has drawn on her vast personal experience for the book.

Keyes is classed in the genre of women’s fiction and even dare I say chick-lit and it is probably in this place that I put Amy Bratley’s – The Saturday Supper Club which started with a good premise but really did not deliver in any way. I was disappointed about, and it did rather put me off my reading for a couple of days.

When I am put off by something I have read, I tend to go back to an author that I know but I took a risk this time and went for James Runcie’s East Fortune. Now I have read his latest novel this year, but this I knew was going to be different and not a book which I could pigeonhole in one particular genre. It was also the book of choice for one of the Meet the Authors sessions at the Guildford Book Festival Reader’s day which I have waxed lyrical about for a couple of posts and there is also two more to come about the day, do pop back and look out for them if you can.

Participating in reading is where I come with the last book to mention for October and that is Elizabeth Taylor – Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont*. Invited by Verity who I chat with on twitter as well as follow her triathlon adventures mentioned it to me and asked whether I would be interested. Well I have never read any Elizabeth Taylor and have read a lot about her through blogging and have always been meaning to try one of her books out. So it seemed like the perfect opportunity and the book was only short, available on kindle and set in a hotel, another one of those settings that always fascinate me and attract me to a book. Oh it was so delightful that I might have to read it again! I will be back around mid November to chat about it on Verity’s blog.

So that was October I was really not sure where it was going to take my reading, and it would seem it took me everywhere. I felt I had read a lot more but I put that down to the fact that I saw a total of 14 authors speak in the month! The books are still coming in thick and fast and piling up so on with some November reading……..

* Book review yet to appear on this blog.