Lemon Meringue Pie Murder – Joanne Fluke

At last Lake Eden is warm – in the first three books it has been winter and much as I love the snow – I thought it never warmed up there. But now it is warm – very warm and Hannah and the local community are celebrating the Fourth of July! What could possibly happen or go wrong?

Well a murder could put a different slant on things?

And so it does, but it is not Hannah who finds the body but her mother, Delores and to make it even worse it is in the property that Norman, a close friend of Hannah’s has bought so he can demolish it to build a dream house!

In fact the dream house that both he and Hannah designed. Does he have an ulterior motive? And will Hannah eventually make her mind up between Norman and detective Mike who has rather a jealous streak when it comes to Hannah. As the books go on,  I much prefer Norman – something about Mike makes me suspicious!

So what else can Hannah do but investigate this death, especially as at the crime scene is found one of her Lemon Meringue Pies she sells. But Hannah and her business partner Lisa cannot remember selling the victim one.

Upfront this time with the police, she starts to ask questions. It seems the victim knew a lot of people and for all sorts of different reasons. And it is the most unlikely people who have a connection to her, and Hannah has some difficult questions to ask from people she holds in great respect. In the meantime her contribution for the 4th July BBQ continues as does keeping  The Cookie Jar going.

Regular characters are there, and we now have the addition of Hannah’s sister Michelle who returns from college and brings her own take on things and adds an extra dynamic to the relationship that all three sisters have with their mother, Delores.  There is something reassuring about these novels and they have gentle rhythm, you know that good will overcome evil. Along the way there are some strong community minded people who are contributing to Lake Eden, to make it a good place to live as well as be a tourist. What more could you want from a cosy crime novel – which is where I place these books. I look forward to visiting again.

I read this book straight after reading book 3 which was my last review on the site. And probably because they are on my kindle, it was easy just to start the next one, especially when I finish one in the night and it is so easy to carry on with the kindle. I manage to balance it somehow so I can keep my arms warm and under the covers to carry on reading all without having to turn the page. I am not sure though that this is a unique selling point for ereaders. 

I resisted starting book 5, in the main because there are so many other books I want to be reading, but I can see that it will not be too long before I pick one up again. And I really must get and make some of the cookie recipes as well. Reading these do the diet no good!