Blueberry Muffin Murder – Joanne Fluke

You got to love some cosy crime. And if you want to torture yourself with delicious sounding cookies then read this series of books! I am working on the basis that reading about them will not make we want to eat them! So far it is not working.

Hannah Swensen, the protagonist of this series of books is back in this her third novel. She is still single, living with her cat who
adopted Hannah and greets her every time she returns to her flat. She has two potential love interests in Norman the Lake Eden dentist and Mike the new Detective. Both these men are connected to her in more than a romantic way; Norman’s mother is friends with Hannah’s mother who is on a mission to make sure Hannah is settled down. And Mike works with Bill, Hannah’s brother-in-law.

In a small town like Lake Eden, everyone knows everyone else and their business and even if you leave town and then come back you are welcomed back with open arms. This happens to Janie who is back in Lake Eden with her boss, the famous TV chef Connie MacIntyre, think Martha Stewart and Fanny Craddock and plenty of endorsements thrown in for good measure.  But is Connie really as good as her image portrays and she seems to spend a lot of time upsetting people.

Then whilst Connie commandeer Hannah’s shop and kitchen (Hannah owns The Cookie Jar, the place for cookies and coffee in Lake Eden) something terrible happens. Connie is murdered and then no one can find Janie. It all seems rather straightforward.

But Hannah, despite being annoyed by Connie’s presence in her own domain, wants to solve the mystery herself if only so she can get back into running her business. Hannah turns detective again and with the help of her sister Andrea, her interfering mother, Delores and business partner Lisa, she manages to come to the right conclusion much to the annoyance of the local law enforcers.

In the meantime the first Lake Eden Winter Carnival is taking place, and there is a lot of baking for Hannah to be doing and helping organise as Hannah is very community minded.

This is a great story which encompasses all the characters from previous books and actually uses them in more details rather than in a passing reference. These are a great community read. You escape by thinking you slot straight into this life and would be able to pop into The Cookie Jar for a cookie and coffee, and meet up with friends at The Lake Eden Inn and be able to get involved in celebrating and sharing life with your friends and neighbours.

There is a rhythm to these books and whilst they are probably not classed as literary greats they are a good bit if escapism and if you like something light hearted then you wont go far wrong with these

I made comment at the end of the second book that I was concerned whether the next book would hold my interest – it did , in fact so much so that as I ended this one I went straight to book four and the review for that will be coming up in a couple of days.

3 thoughts on “Blueberry Muffin Murder – Joanne Fluke

  1. Sounds like an intriguing enjoyable read and what better recommendation than that you went out and bought the follow up.

    I read a cosy mystery recently M.L.Longworth’s Death at the Château Bremont and we invited the author to a bookclub discussion as she lives here in Aix en Provence. The book was very much noted for its gastronomic mentions and many of the participants had made notes to quiz the author about whether some of the restaurants were real or not – then the author asked them all for tips for her next book (in fact the third in the series). I like the concept.

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