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Knitting and Stitching Show 2012

If you have been following my blog for a while or even dare I say the beginning, you may know that I have a craft creativity streak within me and I do share some stitching, knitting and other crafts on here. I get lots of ideas from magazines and websites but also from my annual visit to Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show. This is where there are not just stalls full of wonderful goodies to buy,  but lots of ideas and displays of what you can do with very little or a lot from, thread, materials, wool, beads, paper, wood the list is endless.

Ironically enough reading back from the last two posts about this in 2010 and then again in 2011 there are some striking similarities and 2012 is no different! So in summary, knitting is still very much the ‘in’ thing. Stitching is currently on the wane. The stalls with wool were mobbed, those without were very quiet. Ideal for me who is in the main a stitcher!

Yes, the waste of stall posts were there – the wonder mop and the magic iron! Leather handbags and chocolate! It sells the space and when you have a business head on, you realise that makes sense and it is better than empty stands but still…..

So what did I buy, not that much to be honest. Money was spent at The Blooming Felt stall which is so bright and colourful that I wanted to spend a fortune. But I got some more felt circles to make poppies this year for Remembrance and some felt purses which will end up as Christmas presents I am sure. Some buttons and flowers for decoration and I am good to go.

Decopatch is relatively new craft to have hit the stands, but there are so many things that you can glue patterned paper on to, that you could go mad with it! I didn’t, just bought a Christmas sign to decorate, and some Christmas coloured paper to decorate it with as well as more paper for the Christmas tree that I have been building from the cardboard tubes that you get from tin foil. It is a work in progress because I need a lot of tubes and don’t go through that much tinfoil!

When there is progress in some of these things, then I will update you with the odd picture or two! When the weather changes and the nights draw in, it is lovely to settle down with some crafts. And I really need to settle down with what I bought last year! It has not been touched since I got it, apart from me moving it in and out of my way in the living room.

But I could have this to keep moving round the living room:


This is a joint piece of work from many knitters round the country to form a Knitted Village. What can you spot from this small selection of pictures?

Craft is a wonderful thing that brings lots of ideas and people together. My mum and I included.

Oh and if you are wondering about the coach journey, as rereading my previous posts I do mention it! We sat in front of two ladies that did not draw breath from the moment they got on to the moment they got off on the way there….. and on the way back. I know everything about their medical conditions, their dislike of their doctor, what books they read (that was fairly interesting I admit), what their families are doing for Christmas, one daughter’s trouble with working shifts, granddaughter’s love of sweets, what food they eat, where they buy it, Buckingham Palace, how late they will be home…..on….and…..on…..and….on. They never once mentioned whether they enjoyed the day!

But the best of the journey has to go to the lady who asked the coach driver about the possible delays around Wembley Stadium (England were playing a home match that evening and it may have effected the journey back ).

Lady “You would think that Wembley would contact you and tell you that there will be heavy traffic on such a day”

Coach driver “they expect us to keep up to date with traffic, not inform us”

Lady “But it would be much easier if they told you”

Coach driver silent.

I am sure Wembley have the time, money and people to ring up every coach company up in the UK (or should that be Europe?) and warn them that their will be a football match and traffic might be bad, on the off-chance that one of their coaches might just happen to be going past Wembley. I am with the coach driver on this one silence.

And so until next year…….

8 thoughts on “Knitting and Stitching Show 2012

  1. I laughed at the last bit Jo, some people are very self-centred! The show sounded wonderful, I don’t knit or stitch, but it is something I would like to take up.

  2. I remember your post about the show from last year! 🙂

    I keep thinking I should really make more time for some crafty stuff as I haven’t done anything in ages. I think the last thing I made was a necklace last year… or maybe it was the year before! I bought some markers to do some artwork with last year and I’ve barely touched them since. I’ve got stacks of coloured and patterened paper here, along with stamps and inks. I even bought a craft book a few weeks ago. I’ve got no excuses really!

    I’m with you on that woman and Wembley… How on earth would Wembley ever have the time to contact all coach companies to keep them up-to-date on events etc?!

  3. Last paragraph I chuckled to myself about. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t really popped by enough to realise that you are also into your creative bits and pieces – how lovely – but I will definitely be stopping by and loved hearing about your Ally Pally adventure.

  4. It sounds like the Ally Pally show had similar stalls to the Glasgow one. I think there were even frying pans being sold. I found the wool stalls to be eye wateringly expensive and only bought some fabric fat quarters and embroidery things, none of which have been touched. As you say though, when the nights draw in that’s the time to get started. I’m glad I didn’t go by bus to Glasgow!

    1. Have yet to see Frying Pans at one of these shows, but there is time. The wool is expensive but I think because there is so many different varieties, gone are the days of simple double knitting, four ply and Arran!

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