The Saturday Supper Club – Amy Bratley

The idea of this book is a quite a good one, and was one of the reasons I picked it up.

In the mind of the successful Channel 4 programme Come Dine with Me, Amy Bratley has taken the idea of four strangers going into each others homes, to cook a dinner party, with one eventual winner. Their lives suddenly become entwined and we get to learn how they get on and what they think of each other.

The twist with this novel; two of the guests actually know each other. Eve opens the door at the first Supper Club to Ethan. Her ex boyfriend who ran out on her three years previous without so much as a letter explaining why. Ethan still loves Eve and Eve is not prepared to admit that she probably still has feelings for him too. But why did he leave? And will we ever find out?

It was dragged out for too much of the book and when it came the outcome of the rest of the book was going to be very predictable.

And so the novel progresses, the Supper Club seems to take a back seat and the additional guests, Andrew and Maggie were mere vehicles for bringing Eve and Ethan together. Add into this mix, Eve’s family; her older sister Daisy, and her dad and his new girlfriend, finally finding love after the death of  Eve’s mother.

I was disappointed with this novel, it did not satisfy me, and I was glad when it ended. The characters were not strong enough, and I did not feel I could connect with them or feel for them when they made the choices they did. If you want a novel that requires very little effort on the readers part then this book is ideal.

I had high hopes for this book, I started to like Eve and her boyfriend Joe from the beginning, the idea of her opening a cafe, her mothers recipes helping heal rifts had lots of strength to it. But then it all sort of went wrong and the momentum was lost, the cafe took a back seat, the supper club was forgotten, were we ever going to find out the winner?  A sentence is dropped in, in case you were wondering!

It was too predictable, and whilst I can invariably work out what is going to happen, I do like the point of “what if I have got it wrong”, there was none of that with this novel, I knew and I was right. There was no escapism and suspense of belief and absorption with the storyline. Simply not the book for me.

I read this book because I wanted to seek comfort in my reading and when this happens my normal book of choice is something like this in terms of topic and genre. I should have stuck to something by Katie Fforde, Marian Keyes or Sharon Owens perhaps.

2 thoughts on “The Saturday Supper Club – Amy Bratley

  1. I have recently read this book too and was disappointed that it did not, for me, fulfil its potential, it seemed to veer right off the topic of a cooking competition, have to admit I was heartily sick of the main characters by the time I finished the book!

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