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Knitting, Sea?

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog about crafts. I have been doing bits and pieces but nothing that has been finished off to be honest. I have yet to master reading a book and knitting or sewing and I really do not get on with audio books  because I tend to tune out what is being said. Then with the death of my Nan, everything got a bit too much so it was very limited in what I was doing. No concentration at all.

However, I have done some things and they have been small manageable and quick! They take the form of knitting. And it was knitting for a purpose. The Royal Naval Museum (Portsmouth) launched a community art project to get the Navy and the nation knitting! The aim to create a huge seaside theme ‘yarnscape’ for the Family area at the museum.

So armed with a knitting pattern, which is still available on the website, although the closing date has now passed. I started using scraps of wool up to knit a fish or two. My mum became involved and she did a few fish, and then created some other creatures. You did not have to stick to the patterns they provided. Which is good as my mum invariably wanders off on her creative tangent. Then out come patterns from various other places and I thought I would have a go at an octopus.

And so the end result looked like this:

Looking forward to going and seeing them there with everyone else’s creations. You can see other submissions here.

In the meantime, have been stitching again and my mum has found something in the local paper asking for people to knit ‘things’ to sell at the local hospital in aid of charity…… I think I might be roped into this……