September Roundup

September is the time of new starts for many people and also back to work for many, myself included and I think it is because of this my reading suddenly slows down! Everything is suddenly changing, darker mornings, trees changing, the weather remains a mystery but you can see we are heading into Autumn. It took me a bit longer than normal to get into a routine again, but I think I am there!

So an interesting reading list for September, a children’s book perhaps should not count, but I am afraid it is such a delightful book and I am sure The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson will be under many Christmas trees this year. It was lovely to regress back to childhood with the classic Peter Rabbit.

Another classic has to be Josephine Tey and The Daughter of Time. My interest has been piqued in Richard III; reading Alison Weir’s new novel this year and hearing her talk about this books influence on her made it a book I wanted to read and now I have. It was great and I am now longing to get my teeth into some more historical fiction as soon as I can.

The beauty of Tey was it can also been filed under the crime genre category which has dominated the rest of September. A début author, Jason Dean and The Wrong Man was rather gruesome in parts but with plenty of twists and turns it kept me turning the pages. I admit this was not a book I would have picked up in a shop and read, but that is the joy of being a book blogger, publishers take a chance and send a book out to see what reaction they get! I am reading so much variety thanks to them.

When it comes to crime I do not immediately put the traditionally built Mma Ramotswe of the No 1. Ladies Detective Agency in the crime category, but invariably in bookshops that is where you will find her. I read the latest one I had on my shelf Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith. These books are little short moral tales more than anything crime related, although the crime when it is featured is not so gruesome and of the thriller variety.

Taking another book off my shelf was the choice for my final finish of September and that was Santa Montefiore The House by the Sea. I was after familiar. My brain was not being able to cope with plunging into something new and so this was the main reason for the book choice. I try and alternate between authors that are new to me and ones I know, that way I can keep up with what I know and then discover more people I want to read.

September was still quite a ‘bookish’ month for me as I went off to see Madeline Miller talk at one of our local libraries. I was dithering about this visit, but I am so glad I went. Especially as I learnt so much, met some new people and came away with a signed book!

My book club was back for September after the ‘summer’ break and it is reading our next book House Rules by Jodi Picoult that I finish September. It is a chunky novel, but I am getting into it and I think it will make for interesting discussion when the time comes.

So that was September. Onto October, and I can feel in my bones that it is going to be a very different reading month!