The Wrong Man – Jason Dean

Injustice often features in the news and in books. How someone was jailed for a crime they did not commit. Despite damning evidence against them. The basis of such an idea becomes the plot of this debut novel by Jason Dean – The Wrong Man.

James Bishop is just that imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. He is jailed and spends the days and nights planning, planning for when he can escape and find the truth. This is just not about injustice and getting the real perpetrator behind bars and proving innocence, it is a deep-rooted desire for revenge.

When the opportunity and the plan come together, Bishop is back on the outside and now trying to do all he can to evade capture but to get to the truth. There is only one slight problem with getting the truth – not knowing who it was who set him up in the first place, Bishop has no idea and so he goes back to the very beginning and tries to piece together what he thinks could be the truth.

Along the way, others become affected and whilst he has always remained a loner; inside the perimeter of the jail; his personal life and even his previous job; a member of a close protection team. Bishop needs help and it comes in a way he never first thought.

Will these people be able to help him find the person or will they just add to Bishop’s problems?

Short, snappy chapters tries to inject the thriller element of the story. In places it succeeds,  more towards the middle to end of the book. The first few chapters I struggled with because it all appeared too confusing and I was unclear who was who, then some sections of the book were a bit too unbelievable. I am sure with that much violence, Bishop should have been in hospital from the beginning of the book! However, I am a fairly new reader to ‘thrillers’  and once for me the pace picked up and the twists came into play, there were plenty, it was an enjoyable read.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book.